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UPDATE | Mooney under investigation by OHSAA; coach resigns amid probe

Born and raised in Struthers I love this!! Good job Struthers!

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Drilling lease signing is long-term, life-changing financial and land use deal

Being raised in Struthers and moving to Poland I see the $ and how it is effecting many of my friends. This is a game changer and something that will be here a long long time.

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JFS director fights to stop garnishment

Anyone else this is a non issue and they have to pay the $ back,
It really is that simple, Just because him and Gains are friends should not effect the fact he owes $

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Local cooperation lauded at launch of Austintown's racino

They are all at every ribbon cutting. Traficianti?

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Boccieri may seek return to D.C. but not now

He lost in the only race he ever had.
All the races for State seats were not contended. Just like the rest of them.
The Vindicator always tries and make these guys seem so electable - They just work the system the best and kiss the rings that need to be kissed. From Schivoni being appointed and never having a race to the rest of them.11% points is a ton to lose by when people just vote party line in those races. A donkey could of run and lost by that much spending no $.

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Former Boardman teacher indicted on rape charges

When it is all said and done there will be many more women come forward and bring him down.
Congrats to the family for staying on this.

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Youngstown mayoral vote splits mostly along racial lines

Pat Ungaro was the last white Mayor who had a relationship and who pulled a large amount of minority vote. He was a teacher and coach in the city which helped him.

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Mahoning engineer defends his hiring of felon

This is just the start of what is coming, Now they make him Sanitary Engineer

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State rates Youngstown Community School ‘excellent’

Check all other local and State Charter Schools scores - and see how they did before you start assuming things.

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Youngstown health board seeks move from Oakhill Renaissance Place

This is grear!! Now the County Health District should move into a County owned building!! The city is doing the right thing with the move - Now the County should. It makes financial sence.

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