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Vallourec workers air grievances today before unionization vote

The last steel mill there gave Sunday premium
As well as offered a great pension.
In the end the workers got none of it because they left and went Bankrupt with the rest of the mills.
Good luck on your vote. I work at GM and we were close to that same situation if not for the government helping us out .
Watch what you wish for.

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A Vallourec Star subsidiary is considering an $81.5 million investment in Youngstown

Sure glad the City had the vision to bring North Star here 30 years ago!! while using free land and taxes. Most naysayers and politicians thought they would be gone in 9 years 11 months before their 10 year tax break...The people of Mahoning County should be glad they were wrong!

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‘Use it or lose it’ must be enacted

You should of been a teacher or county worker. They make so much money. The teachers I had in Struthers made no money and were not rich.
Presidents of universities usually make good money but no where close to CEO 's of companies.

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Oakhill vs. county leases elsewhere poses cost dilemma

14 million
That's a ton of money. I'm sure that's not all the amount owed! Big joke.

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Canfield man, woman charged with sexual abuse of young boy

There are sick people everywhere
I get off work and read this.
Makes me want to throw up!!

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Intrigue veils race for mayor

As far as Betras - he doesn't even know a minority person in youngstown. He is no help.
The party will try to Gardner support through cash to local churches.

McKelvey / Williams never had races.
Sammarone took many jobs to stay out.
No stories then.

Bottom line is Kitchen is a slight favorite now.
The minority community sees it just needs to vote and he wins.

Bigger question is will the power to be - get kitchen out?

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Water tower plans in the mix

Aqua has the most expensive / worst water in the area. Living in Poland and growing up in struthers I wish we had a choice!

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Another hat thrown in 6th District ring

Met Anthony a few times when I lived in struthers.
Someone at the time said he has a ton of $.
You need money to win?

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Has private jitney service returned?

It is wrong in both cases. Period.

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