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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

@MARGETALICA Why are you so bitter??? Hmmm it makes me wonder???

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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

People who didn't personally know Randy have no business saying anything at all about him. If you think you know so much maybe you should go work for the Youngstown Police Department and help them solve all the "unsolved murders". Please leave this man alone and let his family and friends grieve for him. He will be so sadly missed. Let's pray that this never happens to anyone in your family, and god forbid if it does I hope that people don't pass judgment as you did.

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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

I sit here thinking about the man that I knew. Randy Capelli ... a friend of my family ... only a few blessed people knew the true heart of Randy and I'm glad I was one of the ones who was granted this blessing. Randy wasn't an angel and had an armload of problems but underneath all of that he was a loving, caring soul. And yes I know all about the drugs of this community ... as a community we see it everyday. I believe drug addiction is a sickness that some people cannot cure. It is funny how someone that you don't see that often or talk to everyday have such an effect on you. I miss you Randy even though I didn't see you all the time but I am remembering the times we spent together ... I will remeber you often ... God Bless You

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