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Youngstown officials seek to curb city’s violence

If the city can figure a way to have all children raised by caring parents. Parents who will instill values and respect for others. Parents who will embrace the importance of education and not expect teachers to raise their children. Parents who show by their own hard work that all things are possible. Good luck

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Police say Ohio deputy wounded by friendly fire

Thats why Andy always made Barney keep that one bullet in his pocket.

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Pa. man breaks into store and steals sex enhancers

He pulled a real boner there.

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Voice your opinion on a new name for the airport

The late Don Hanni said it best about the airship company everyone was excited about, " I'll jump out of the first blimp they build out there"

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McNally forgoes re-election bid, mulls mayoral run

I think we should start a pool when Stan makes his 10000th innocuous comment.

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You’re enlisted: Find Valley’s war monuments

There was one I recall at the corner of Rayen and Walnut. Dedicated to those who died in the wars from Smokey Hollow.

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Canfield residents voice concerns over Flower Mill property

That's right, what right do these people have to complain about conditions that effect their lives. They should just shut up and mind their own business. If the owner of that property decides to start dumping chicken feces or old tires, oh well, just live with it. I mean these people live in Canfield, the Hamptons of Mahoning county. They should learn to live with squalor like the rest of us.
Sorry for my sarcasm.

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Sha Na Na member to campaign against issue 2

That would do it for me. Before I vote I always check to see how "bowzer" stands on the issue.

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