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Betras displays courage

McNally and Sciortino will never give up Cafaro. NEVER! He owns them and is responsible for getting them off. It doesn't matter though because there will never be a trial. The fix was in from the very top and I'm surprised Bert, to my knowledge, has not discovered the link that created the pathway for this to occur. That's all I can say.

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Big Tony does it again

Honestly rdgold, with all due respect, your spiel reads like it was composed by the Cafaro PR people. It is wise for all of us mortals to remember that even the richest man cannot buy salvation. This comes from being faithful to the word of God. And only God and Tony know the truth.

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UPDATED | Gerberry pleads guilty; sentenced to probation

It was bad enough that Gerberry was a worthless representative but his actions to deceive really speak to his character. The judge's sentence... well what can you say, just despicable! In effect, no punishment at all. Hopefully, the voting public will remember and not return Judge Sweeney to the bench.

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McNally, Sciortino seek dismissal of indictment because of trial venue

Having worked with McNally, I will tell you that he lies straight to your face. If the trial is held in Cuyahoga County, he will be found guilty unless Businessman #1's power brokering and influence impacts the judge and jury.

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Attorneys in Oakhill case ask for dismissal of indictment

Having had the displeasure to work with McNally, I can tell you that the guy will lie straight to your face. If the trial is held in Cuyahoga County, he'll go to jail, lose his law license and be forced to beg for a job from the Big T when he get out.

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Keene, Vaughn to leave YSU basketball progam

Slocum is 118-190 (.383) in 10 seasons at YSU. Pathetic. He's had plenty of time, actually more than he should have been given, to develop a program that is respectable. The majority of wins that comprised the 699 wins that the Vindy heralded in a past story on Slocum were won at schools that were not at the Div I level of competition. YSU and the community deserved better and Strollo should have fired him long ago. Keeping him for another year is a mistake. If the university doesn't want to buy out his remaining contract, surely there must be at least one wealthy alum who could be found who would.

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Some workers got 2 or 3 raises, 11 got 40% or more

Unbelievable! People, when are we going to wise up. NEVER NEVER NEVER VOTE FOR A CONTINUOUS RENEWAL TAX ISSUE! When the private sector is struggling to keep their heads above water and the public sector is getting raises way beyond any justifiable reason, something is wrong with this picture. Plato said, "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." Such is the case in Mahoning County. Vote NO for any Continuous Renewal Tax Issue in the May 6 primary.

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Despite shoring work, engineer warned of courthouse peril two years ago

Unbelievable! All the county's responses sound like a CYA story. e.g. For Righetti to say that she does not recall seeing the Stevens letter until this month is an outright lie. Does she think that the public is that stupid to believe that that letter wasn't discussed among all three commissioners as soon as it was received on or about Aug. 25, 2011? Then for Righetti to assert that the delay in moving forward on the restoration was the fault of the architectural company originally hired because of mediation... come on, really? Mediation efforts didn't commence until late September 2012. So what was the reason for the delay from 5-28-2009 (I believe the date of the orignial contract signing) until around the end of September 2012? Let's see that's about 3 and one third years. Righetti says the money was there, okay... so what's the reason for the delay?
Not only have these commissioners bungled the Oak Hill Project when original costs were ineptly estimated to be around 4 to 5 million at the project's beginning but according to last Sunday's Vindy story costs will be around $20 million with interest when finished.
There should be an IQ test before anyone can run for office.

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Staph infection threatens Ed Port’s progress

Although my wife and can only send $100.00, if we had hit the lotto we'd have paid for it all. He is a class act and has endured more suffering than most of us can imagine. There is no donation too small, so please Youngstown, let's help Ed.

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McNally’s seat draws lots of attention

Having worked with Mr. Tablack, I can honestly tell you that nothing would be worse for Mahoning County than having him serve as commissioner. It is sad and unfortunate because he has an obvious grasp of financial matters but his ego and personality work against him. No matter how smart you are, getting along with people is a key incredient for success in any field, especially politics. When he left for Florida, I predicted he wouldn't last three months in his new position once his coworkers got to know him.

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