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Youngstown’s future is bleak

Youngstown has never seriously faced its financial problems, it was always tax more and kick he can down the road for someone else to fix.

Now it is becoming to late to fix.
I guess 43 yrs of one political party has had the desired effect.

The mayor should have quit looking for handouts and started looking at what he could do himself to help Youngstown.

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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

New Years in Y-town without a murder. That would be a headline. Keep the tradition alive in da hood that was once a proud and vibrant city.

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Traficant: Star of the sideshow

Traficant is more of a man than Bartram DeSouza could ever hope to be.

Bart is just another small town columnist with a poison pen for Traficant. Y-town quit being relevant about 35 yrs ago when big steel left in the middle of the night. Traficant does one thing that the Vindicator staff could never do, get the national media into the Mahoning Valley.

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New charter school on track to open in Youngstown

Youngstown has the worst public schools in the state. The only bright spots seem to be Cardinal Mooney and Ursuline High Schools.

Charters schools should be opening with corporate partners to help off set the cost to the tax base. Then pick the students who have a chance at success and leave the furture felons of Ohio in the public system.

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Henderson gets life in prison

Execute all 3 and move on to the next. Why should the taxpayers of Ohio pay to feed, clothe and provide medical,dental,vision plus education benefits to these 2. The third gets a slap on the wrist after helping kill 2 people, one of which is an 11 year old child.....what is wrong with this picture.

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Money is the root of forgiveness

This is probably another witch hunt of JJ and his family.

If you look at Traficant's charges and those of Former US Senator Stevens, it is interesting how close the two mirror each other.

The Appeals Court agreed with Stevens that the Govt. manufactured evidence against him and used intimidation against his co-conspirators so they would go against him for a lighter sentence from crimes never commited.

Why did the Appeals court in Trafficant's case not see the same similarities?

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Columbus mayor bans city travel to Arizona

The AZ law that everyone hates is 14 pages in plain English that no one outside the AZ Statehouse has read.

It is verbatim US Code Title VIII Section 1325. Federal Law, a law that no one in D.C. seems willing to enforce.

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