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Jamail Johnson's family is yearning for justice and closure

wrong again the house was not owned by him. that was the frat house he lived somewhere else entirely. he use to live there but no longer. where are you peope getting your info and he did not host that party if you don't know stop talking about stuff you dont know please its just not right cause there are people who do believe what they read.

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Jamail Johnson's family is yearning for justice and closure

it really bothers me that people comment without knowing facts.
Fact# 1He was not hosting any party
he stopped by his Frat house shortly before this happened
Fact#2 there was no alcohol at the party
the police cleared that up a year ago
Fact#3 He did not live there
Fact#4 Jamail in no way contributed to this outcome only that his presence there that night saved many lives
Fact#5 We his Family never want anyone to think we don't empathize or sympathize with any Family that has lost a Love One but understand our PAIN is 1st and Foremost about JAMAIL JOHNSON he was An AWESOME UPSTANDING YOUNG MAN BOTTOM LINE.... Sorry if you didn't know him.... You Really Missed Out.... God Bless You and Yours.....

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