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Youngstown leaders struggle to trim budget

The amount of waste in any city or federal government is staggering. I can see why the city would want a golf pro. Maybe to look like its a good area, a high class area. Let's face the facts. I like Ytown. I moved back here from Cbus after growing up in this area. Prioritize! Fluff positions like golf pros may be important in cities than can afford them, but ytown cant. Ytown cant support 8 city council members with so few citizens. With all the complaining about SB5, school levies, and "union busting" when all I hear are layoff, new taxes o, why aren't any of these people willing to just go with less. Take less in salary, pay more towards your benefits. Public jobs are here to serve the public!

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Gov. Kasich's proposed Ohio budget cuts

Yes, parts of this budget do suck, but it is a budget without the effects of federal stimulus monies. It is time to figure this out for ourselves, and not allow big government to do it for us on a temporary basis. We are all going to have to feel the pain to get out of our massive, self induced debt.

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

I for one applaud Mr. Franko for his opinion on this. I have very close family members who loudly disagree with senate bill 5, as they have been benefactors of the public benefit system for years. I, as a "private", do not understand how merit based pay, higher but no more than average health insurance premiums, and no more employer sponsored retirement etc... Is such a terrible thing. I do not have these benefits, as they would bankrupt any normal company. Public employees are incredibly valuable, and perform important jobs. We seem to forget what that means though. Serve the public. Do not complain when you may have to be equal to them, or closer. Everyone I know and all research I have done show that pay rates for job X are virtually the same (within $2k/yr) in the public and private sectors. Why should benefits for a public employee be worth $6,500
more? The money saved by doing this is not going to be used to spread the wealth. It will help rebuild this state.

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