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Inmates begin laborious task of patching roads

It seems it takes (7) "Union" employees to fill potholes on old 82 in Vienna.

One drove the truck with the patch, one flagger in front, one flagger in back, one to literally just throw the patch into the pothole, one to kind of make sure the patch "goes into" the pothole, one to "tamp" or go through the motions of tamping and the last one to drive another truck in front of the flagger in the rear, which makes no sense.

Talk about a WASTE of taxpayers money!!

Way to go Trumbull County Engineers.

I know, your employees work "hard" for their paychecks.

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Questions halt Mahoning elections board pay raises

I would be "happy" too bringing home over $73,000 a year. One can assume the "extra" $2,200 is not going to make or break them.

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Parole board: Spare condemned obese Ohio killer

Guaranteed that if it was any one of the Parole Boards family member murdered in this matter, they would not want to spare his life. I say the next meal he is given, put something in it to take him out. Why keep spending my tax dollars to keep this piece of S**T alive. I'm sure he won't turn down the meal.
Instead of keeping these murders alive, we need to start disposing of them in a timely manner, not 10-20-30 years after they commit the crime. These criminals have MORE RIGHTS than the HONEST, HARD WORKING PEOPLE in this country of ours.

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Youngstown street dept., driver being sued in crash

Pretty nice a year and a half later they decide to file a lawsuit now.
Sounds like their "Government Assistance" is running out.
Mine and every other hard working persons tax dollars in Mahoning Valley must not be enough for them to live on.
Just looking for more"FREE MONEY".
Must be nice not to have any morals to live by.

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Accused killer of boy cries in court

I bet he wasn't crying like a little baby when he was shooting up that house.
He was probably laughing his a$$ off.
You want to do the crime, time to face your consequences.
He should be taken out back and let the kids mother have her own justice with him.
He'll probably end up sitting in prison for 20+ years on the taxpayers dime before even being considered for execution.
"The Chair" is waiting for him and couldn't come soon enough.

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Probation for 2 who stole $78K from Ohio turnpike

Must be nice to steal that much money and still collect a pension. No doubt state employees always get off with a slap on the wrist when committing a felony. They both probably act like it was no big deal and just sorry they got caught.

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