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McNally expects up-or-down vote on CSB raises

I am in favor of these raises. It's important we support our public employees including social workers, police, teachers, etc. They really have difficult jobs to do and I refuse to thumb my nose at someone getting a raise just because of the economy. If they have budgeting for it and can afford it, then I'm for it. It doesn't change the money coming out of my pocket one bit because it wasn't a new levy. Tax statement remains the same.

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County officials face dilemma over proposed CSB pay raises

Yeah, I would say the commissioners are in a dilemna. Here's the dilemna: Hey, even though we've granted numerous other county employees raises in the past year, hey I see an opportunity to grab to spotlight to serve myself and make them look bad so I can look good. Uh-oh, these guys really do know how to budget. Everything they are saying is true, and hey these people are really justified in asking for their measly 3% raise, oh crap....

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Mahoning County CSB official defends pay raises

Watch the 27 news tonight. Was a good segment that makes voters be assured as to what the truth is, and that is that the levy money has nothing to do with worker's salaries or raises. All the commissioners have done here to try to make themselves look good in the public eye by calling out the raises, while they have let several county workers get raises with no fuss. Well lets hope their little plan backfired. So phony..Act one way when people are watching, and a whole nother when no one is.

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Mahoning County’s CSB risks voter backlash with pay raises

I still think it's completely unfair as to how the CSB workers are being attacked for this raise. Yes, the timing was stupid, but it's unfortunate that there have been a lot of other county employees get raises with no fuss. If you're smart about going to the commissioners they would have told you how to sneak a raise under the table without the voter's knowledge, so their hands can still be clean. What makes that any better for the voters? I encourage anyone to look at the county records as to what employees have gotten raises in this past year. The CSB workers are being unfairly singled out here, and the children need them.

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

or if you didn't get it, you will have it within the next month with traficanti and the commissoners "permission."

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

sanitary engineers did get a raise, if it wasn't you, sorry about your luck, pull your public records...

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Anti-Facebook pastor steps down after past sexual three-way revealed

i feel like no matter if you are a woman or a the church, or the street, or a criminal..if you have the values ingrained in you to cheat you will. if you don't you won't, despite whatever facebook, myspace, or daily temptation greets you....

if this did happen decades ago, it's unfortunate it was brought to the light now if they decided to continue thier committment. . some people could have resolved this issue in privacy of their own home.

nevertheless, i'm not sure why this is headlining story. it's nobody's job to judge the situation..

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

Perhaps you should look up the definition of slander. Pointing out what a person was witnessed by an entire busload of people doing on a given day would not qualify as slander, and if he should happen to be in the background of some of their pictures, so what.. I'm not saying Anthony isn't independently wealthy from ventures other than being a commissioner, but he does still make a significant salary on taxpayer money so it's not really a good look for him to be downing other county workers while he's rolling around like big papa...

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

yeah, my aunt just gave me the pics...a fat a-hole acting like he's out for the community while he's living it up on their $$$ on a part time $70,000 job...douchebag...

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

assuming makes an A-hole, but what does me and my kodak with tony soprano wannabe get him?? lmao from the limo, airport, to the tables in Atlantic City, he's the tony soprano WANNABE

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