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Youngstown Sports Grille to close Saturday

Just let us know soon. I love the food there...

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Mahoning prosecutor recommends 6-year prison term for man charged in 3 murders

What kind of IDIOTS are working down there??? This man should be looking at nothing less than a LIFE in prison. I see that taking a life in Mahoning County means absolutely nothing to the prosecutors office.

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Mahoning commissioners || Ditzler, Traficanti win

Sorry redeye1, realized that after I posted. Guess I should be doing 10 things at once...Have a great day

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Mahoning commissioners || Ditzler, Traficanti win

He's not in the commissioners seat yet. We still have to vote in November and he still has to beat a couple other people

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Election officials predict ‘extremely light’ turnout

Congrats for seeing the light CBDactivist... So many more need to follow your direction and help direct this county and country in the right direction.

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Charges changed in fatal shooting

Can we say "Death Penalty Under The Family Plan"!!!!!! Put both of them on Death Row since they are both as guilty of taking the life of this FATHER who was taking care of his family by being responsible...

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FOP leader criticizes Mahoning County commissioners

“What the commissioners have done this year is what we have normally done for the sheriff’s department,” McNally said.

YEP SCREWED THEM OVER AGAIN!!!!! Seems thats what the commissioners do best

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Betras sworn in to board of elections post

Another mistake for the people of Mahoning County...

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Ex-police chief Hughes bashes OT cuts

I want to meet anyone who can predict when and where a crime is going to take place...We would be on our way to the casino, racetrack, or nearest lotto booth...

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