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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Beinghonest, my guess is he was outside fighting in 25 degree weather because they drug him into the yard (there is a video, watch it).
I don't think any of these guys are thugs, if so, someone would've been seriously injured. If you watch the video, I'd guess none or maybe 1 of these kids has ever fought before...probably more like dorks that were upset their friend got rolled earlier in the evening. Anyone who needs 10+ friends to go "talk", is likely a big pu$$y, and judging by the video, he hangs with a similar crowd because those kids couldn't even keep him down with a 10-1 advantage.
As far as why this is getting attention when numerous other assaults do not or have not in the past, it's probably the video evidence. Video works in a courtroom setting, as opposed to a "he said/she said" sort of case where there is no evidence. We all know fights happen often, but if it's not recorded and no witnesses come forward, there is no case to be had.
I love the comments bashing the dad, like anyone wants to see their kid attacked by 10+ kids, would you just stand by and think "I hope they teach him a lesson"????

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