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Job fair for Austintown schools draws big crowd

As many of you know Vincent did receive a $10,075 kiss from the board for the district making Excellent with Distinction. But the Teachers that gave this to us can not get a contract!! Something is wrong with this pic,don't you think?

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Job fair for Austintown schools draws big crowd

I have been contacted by a BOE spokesman informing me that “The board had planed the “JOB FAIR”back in October (two months after the teachers contract expired) and it is just a coincidence that is will occur during contract negations with our teachers and that all the board is looking for is good substitute’s.” Ok I ask you, was the add placed in October or January, before negotiations, after negotiations or during negotiations?

How does this add read? “Your are invited to a job fair for FULL TIME, PART TIME and SUBSTITUTE positions”. Now please I ask you what is the intent of this “JOB FAIR”? It is my opinion that the Board and its Superintendent Vincent Colaluca never planned to negotiate in a timely manner or in good faith. This board need to end the games now get this contract finished before our students end up paying the price.

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