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300 protest corporate greed as Occupation of Youngstown begins

Welcome back, epi! A shame you're still so angry about life. But a positive note: nice to see you've quit resorting to putting Wikipedia links as part of your insightful comments. You're growing -- ^5! (btw -- did you have fun at the rally downtown with your comrades?)

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Springer talks it up in Boardman

Seems quite appropriate that the CEO of Community Corrections Association -- aka jail supervisor -- is honored by the Dems. Just sayin' ....

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School officials support anti-cyber-bullying bill

Would this apply to Democratic Party chairmen also? Just askin'....

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White House: Obama regrets vote against raising debt limit

I doubt BHO regrets his vote on the debt ceiling as much as millions of misguided citizens who voted for him in 2008 regret their foolishness.

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Police use stun gun during Pirates fan arrest

"was being escorted from his seat ... when he threatened another man."

Anyone see Bob Hagan today?

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2 jailed after shooting this morning outside Austintown cabaret

This once again shows why there is an "A" in APD! Kudos!

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TEA Party group sues over cancellation of speaker

And if the wacko Michael Moore was invited? The Board would have Dunkin Donuts stock the podium -- and would REQUIRE the teachers to integrate the "lessons" of his speech in their curricula.

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Alleged robber killed at Galaxy Seafood identified

Once again, gives TRUE meaning to the phrase "gun control:" two hand grip, sight down the barrel, slowly squeeze the trigger. Kudos!

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Off-duty cop kills robbery suspect

Reinforces the *true* meaning of "gun control:" two hand grip, sight-down the barrel, steady squeeze on the trigger. Kudos!

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Stun gun used to break up school bus fight

Anyone see Bob Hagan that day? Just sayin'....

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