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Why did Trump choose Youngstown?

Bertram has always been a pompous asss, but never more evident than in this pathetic public display of his arrogance and ignorance.

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Trump to talk foreign policy at invite-only event at YSU

Obama may not be the founder of ISIS, but a funder of ISIS is here. LaFarge operates a massive dump in Lordstown and has dumped piles of cash into the coffers of ISIS in Syria. LaFarge has also dumped tons of cash into the Clinton Foundation. The link that stinks to high heaven.

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Trump to stump at YSU Monday

Obama a founder of ISIS? Really? But there is a funder of ISIS in our midst. Really. LaFarge operates a massive dump in Lordstown. Why no media exposure of the LaFarge-ISIS link?

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Forum on black infant mortality brings call to action

This glaring manifestation of institutionalized racism has been around for many decades, even generations, and nothing (really) is done except more talk, like this. Instead of blaming the victim, why not focus on the grave social sin of poverty? Why not abolish poverty, especially child poverty, in the richest country on earth? All else is worthless.

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Donald Trump speaks in Youngstown on Monday

hope he mentions the ISIS-LaFarge-Clinton link.

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A citizen initiative asking voters to fire Sebring’s village manager likely won’t be on the ballot because a number was omitted on a petition

The only fatal error is this official suppression of the will of the people is the one by election officials to kill this democratic initiative and, by a thousand similar slices, to kill what remains of our democracy.

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Trump and Clinton essentially tied in Ohio and two other swing states

Bernie beats both badly...Happy Bastille Day, folks!

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Ex-Traficant aide heading to prison in mortgage scam

Sinclair lied about the kickbacks, and was there any investigation of Traficant's so-called fatal accident?

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Domestic-violence court helps, but can't save all victims, Warren judge says

Since the current responses to "domestic violence" are utter failures, why not try something that works?
Implementation of restorative justice and eradication of misogyny, anyone?

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