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Superstar7 (anonymous) says...

1. There are no "palestinians." These are arabs occupying land in Israel. The Romans shipped them into Israel 70 AD after the destruction of the Second Temple. The arabs occupying Samaria & Judea must return to their homeland: Cyprus. (And Egypt, Syria & Jordan.)
2. Until the arab occupiers leave Samaria & Judea, they must stop attacking civilians in Israel with rockets & tunnels, trying to kill & kidnap more children, or they will force the Israeli DEFENSE force to move further into Samaria & Judea & take control of the Israeli lands arab terrorist are occupying.
3. Israel abides by every cease fire. arabs use the cease fire to attack the Israeli DEFENSE forces and fire more rockets from iran and from the concrete & metals Israel allows to pass into Samaria & Judea to help these arab occupiers.
4. Israel seeks peace. The arabs occupying Samaria & Judea refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.
5. If you want peace, stop teaching arab youth hate, terrorism, kidnapping, killing and teach them factual history, science, math...for the first time in generations.
6. Stop blowing up civilian jets around the world, which muslims started in the 60's.

July 27, 2014 at 7:21 p.m. reply suggest removal