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Mill Creek needs more skating; stop texting and start saving Earth; Pass Fitch bond issue; Reject Fitch bond issue, Pass Liberty road levy

I must comment on the Ice Skating Rink for Mill Creek Park.

We pay lots of taxes for Mill Creek Park and it is beautiful!

I would hope the Mill Creek Park officials will consider bringing back a skating rink like the one they used to have at Rocky Ridge.

I remember taking my children there to skate. My family had enjoyed many evenings and days skating there and sitting by the warm fireplace inside. It was a safe and family-oriented environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our young people need something like that again!

Many, many happy memories!

April 21, 2014 at 4:04 a.m. suggest removal

Mill Creek needs more skating; stop texting and start saving Earth; Pass Fitch bond issue; Reject Fitch bond issue, Pass Liberty road levy

The voters of Austintown have an opportunity to take advantage of receiving $31 million from the state toward a new high school.

Let's take this opportunity and vote FOR this bond issue for our children and grandchildren.

As tax payers, we do not want to have to make major, costly repairs to the internal systems of the current high school. This WILL COST US MORE!

By voting NO, you are only saving little money now. But this will cost us MUCH MORE in the near future!

So, Vote FOR the Austintown School Bond Issue.

April 21, 2014 at 3:58 a.m. suggest removal

Hold charter schools to higher standards of accountability

All types of schools (public, private, charter, etc) should be forced to meet the same standards so that we are ensuring a quality education for every student regardless of the reasons why the parents have decided to leave another school.

Our goal is to educate our children with a quality education.

Some of these non-public schools have a lot of hype saying that they are providing a good education. But we are not measuring all schools by the same standards and some schools do not have any standards at all (or standards they have created themselves).

Again, let's focus on a quality education for ALL students. They want to learn!

April 15, 2014 at 3:09 a.m. suggest removal

Rhetoric in Mahoning probate judge race escalates

Reviewing these candidates' campaign comments made of each other about each other only forces the voters to chose the lesser of the evils.

It would be nice to hear just the facts, experience, credentials, and what you are offering to the position. As you are trying to get these points across, your campaigns are muddying the waters. And the voters cannot see clearly.

What is being seen is that none of you deserve to be probate judge! Same Mahoning County politics are, once again, being featured.

April 15, 2014 at 2:59 a.m. suggest removal

Proposed bond would pay for half of new Fitch High School

There are so many opinions being voiced, and many are not factual.

Many people are objecting to the passage of the bond issue for a new school for personal reasons. Stick to the facts and stop the personal attacks!

Regarding Colaluca and Porter, I do not personally know either man. When people complain about the $16,000 spent on the investigation- shouldn't the guilty party pay for all of the fees? Well, according to pieces that I have read, it's Mr. Porter. How can you fault Colaluca when Porter was found at fault for his conduct? Porter's behavior has been embarrassing to the school district. What kind of example are we setting for the children? Both Porter and Colaluca have children.

Voters, do not let personal opinions or personal agendas determine your vote. Stick to the details of the bond issue. Voting per your personal vendetta will not solve any problems.

You are missing the point-
Do you agree with building a new high school with the state contributing almost half of the cost? Fitch isn't going to repair or replace itself. The tax payers are the bill payers.

I still say, let's rally to Columbus to get more state funding to help pay for our school districts and lessen the burden on tax payers.

April 15, 2014 at 2:38 a.m. suggest removal

Small crowd presses Austintown board about levy

To zz3, you obviously have not research the bond issue details. Major systems are in desperate need of extensive repair or replacement per an engineer's inspection, not Colaluca's. Wouldn't you rather receive almost half of the money from the state to construct a new school instead of going back to tax payers or, worse yet, cut academic programs to fund the replacement of expensive systems? The money has to come from somewhere.

I agree, in earnest, that the middle class is over taxed! And we have an opportunity to get OUR MONEY back from the state. I am on a fixed income and am looking at the long-term expenses and where the money will be coming from. The expenses are only going to increase.

I, too, like you, have always lived within my means and I have taught my children to do the same. But at some point, things just wear out; I can attest to that :). General maintenance has been performed on the systems at the high school.

You also speak against open enrollment. It is helping to pay the school district's bills- like it or not. The trend around the state is implementing open enrollment.

Where do you think the school district is going to get the money we need? From the tax payers! And I would like the state to contribute to this. We don't want to have to pay 100% of the costs. It will be more expensive in the long-run.

I wish that we would have better answers to our concerns. By that, I hope that the state starts giving back from the "rainy day" coffers that they have filled!

April 8, 2014 at 3:17 a.m. suggest removal

Austintown residents press school officials on need for new high school

Have you attended a meeting about this bond issue and have you looked at the details? I have attended one of the meetings and was surprised to find out that, despite what I thought about the general appearance of the high school building, there are expensive and large systems within the building that need to be replaced. The cost to replace or repair these systems are almost 75% of the cost of building a new building. As tax payers, we have to be foolish not to consider this. Repairing the current building is too costly. And since the state is providing almost half of the funding to build a new school, this is a good deal for our community. The numbers sold me to agree to build a new building.

April 6, 2014 at 4:48 a.m. suggest removal

Small crowd presses Austintown board about levy

To repeaters and zz3, ask why Austintown Schools, like most schools throughout Ohio, have had to go to open enrollment. It involves the state not providing funds as in the past causing less income for school districts while expenses continue to increase. There are recent articles explaining open enrollment throughout the surrounding communities also. I have listened to the board explain why Austintown has open enrollment. There are limits on open enrollment for the number of students accepted. It is helping to keep our school district in the black without eliminating academic programs. The construction of a high school building does not have anything to do with open enrollment. Open enrollment in Austintown, like a lot of surrounding districts, will be here if there is a new high school built or not. It seems that we should be contacting and pressuring our state representatives to change the way they are funding (and reducing funding) to our school districts throughout the state. They are the source of school districts funding changes, reductions and problems.

April 6, 2014 at 4:41 a.m. suggest removal

Austintown schools probe faults Porter in run-in with Supt. Colaluca

Several comments to make...

1. The bond issue has nothing to do with Mr. Porter's actions. His actions started as soon as he was elected.
2. The bond issue is not going to cost most people $200+ per year. The cost will be more like $100 to $120.
3. The new racino does not bring any money to the schools. ALL of the money from the racino goes to Austintown township only. So ask the trustees what they are planning to do with it!
4. The state commission is giving Austintown schools almost half of the construction amount.
5. The money offer does expire this August! That's the end of the 12 to 13 months districts have to secure their money for the project. Our money will go to another district if this fails.
6. If we vote this down, we will lose the money and can only hope some money will be available or we, the taxpayers, will be paying for everything again.

PLEASE get informed and stop making assumptions on incorrect information.

March 26, 2014 at 2:19 p.m. suggest removal

Residents inquire about bond issue

I attended last night's meeting, too. I was there to understand my options. I am retired and on a fixed income also. I don't want my taxes to increase either. But I wanted to understand my options.

The money that the state is offering is free, if we pass this bond issue. I recall other discussions that this money is from the tobacco settlement and many schools are waiting for their chance at this money. It's Austintown's turn to receive the money!

Here are our options:
- Pay 4.1 mil to build a new high school with the state of Ohio contributing.
- Pay double that price if we vote down this deal as the high school will continue to deteriorate and the state's offering of $31 million is gone or less.
- The man from man from the state also explained toward the end that comparing renovation to building new is $3 million or less.
- Besides, it was logically explained that renovation is truly not an option for many reasons.

These options are not pretty. But our best option is obvious. We should seriously consider voting for this bond issue.

It is for our community, children and grandchildren. I do agree with providing them with a quality education.

I think I am going to vote for this bond issue. I hope that those reading will think about it, too.

March 12, 2014 at 4:19 p.m. suggest removal



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