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Death leads to scrutiny of Grace Woods senior facility

The owner/administrator should be charged for this also! As a former employee i can tell you it was all about money , nurses working 12 to 14 hours a day caring for 74 patients with 1 nurses assistant per building and there were 3 buildings! He also was taken to court by a former employee for not paying overtime for hours worked, that employee won and i believe it was in federal court too! Hes only after making money its never the residents or the employees! I also know his administration assistant also was terminated from a job she worked previously with him. While she was collecting unemployment he was paying "under the table" she too covers for him! Ohio needs to investigate these 2! Its a sad situation for the resident and her family but ohio needs to dig and they will find talk to some previous employees!

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Austintown fiscal officer resigns, cites ‘personal challenges’

He has no courage , he was CAUGHT!! The walls were caving in on him! So he had to bail and quickly. The poor family members involved I hope have the courage to move on to a better life without these embarrassing moments ever happening again to any of them! He's no saint, he's a middle aged man who thinks he's a stud, guess what , your not, you deserve the shame you have put upon yourself and the other women whom you messed around with, and he's knows there's more than a few women involved too!

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Austintown fiscal officer resigns, cites ‘personal challenges’

@markc mr kurish has made one of the biggest mistake of his life and that's putting his town before his family! His behavior is and was unacceptable, who does he think he is ?!? Stud muffin?!! Gross! @ whos2judge the "disowned" family member(s) they seem to be brave to me, brave enough to confront an issue that affects them, who would lie to their family?! And then disown them as if they did something wrong!? Smh time to get some real team leaders to head our township!

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Austintown fiscal officer resigns, cites ‘personal challenges’

@markc you seem to have all the right information! We all feel these trustees and their unprofessional actions are truly an embarassement to not only austintown, but mainly to their families! It's time for a change austintown!! @afdhero37 could you be acting as if your a true firefighter to side track people?!?! Using that username, Well it isn't working, your remarks are a true give away!! Get some help sweetheart! @ austintownnative I love to clean! I'm in!

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