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Retain Davis, welcome back Carano as Austintown trustees

Carano has done nothing for Austintown while he was in his state jobs so why should we be responsible to pay him again? Besides, he has experience as the old school, good old boy, Democratic machine that tarnishes this town again and again. We don't need that in Austintown. We need to move forward, not go back.

October 24, 2013 at 3:23 p.m. suggest removal

For Austintown schools: Mock, Schnurrenberger and Jakubec

Here is why I do not believe Mock or Schnurrenberger deserve to be re-elected. Both of them have continuously voted yes to allow the Superintendent to make decisions without Board votes (which means without putting it in the public forum so the taxpayers and parents have no idea what is happening in our schools). I find that irresponsible and deceiving.

Someone commented that Porter gives out raises to his friends, Mr. Porter is not authorized to do that without a board vote, Colalucca is authorized to do that and has done it.

Let's now make some clarifications about the "facts" in the above piece. Our schools is no longer an Excellent with Distinction school, that was the 2010-2011 school year. We received grades of B, F, and F. That, to me, does not sound like we are surging forward. The new schools were not built thanks to the current board, they were built thanks to the Ohio Facilites Commission and the taxpayers who approved the bond issue, and the previous board members.

Mock and Schnurrenberger have allowed a promise of 200 Open Enrollment kids to balloon to almost 700 kids (when we were told our schools can only hold 200-250 additional children). They have let the classrooms get so big that some kids don't have enough desks and sit on the floor.

Mock and Schnurrenberger have allowed Colalucca to run a dictatorship within the schools so that not even staff can approach anyone in the main office if they have issues. He refuses to listen to anyone because our BOE have given him complete authority to make hiring/firing decisions without a board vote.

Why is it that you refuse to report what is really happening in the schools? Why is it that any negative from the ALSD is swept under the rug to the point that you would endorse incumbents simply because they are part of the regime, not because they are qualified to make decisions for this school district? Trust me, the vocal may be the minority, but the feelings about our BOE are not.

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Retain Davis, welcome back Carano as Austintown trustees

If you live in Austintown, you know who Shepas is...your comment just proves you don't. Besides, why does a recognizable name automatically make you the best for the seat?

October 22, 2013 at 9:54 a.m. suggest removal

Retain Davis, welcome back Carano as Austintown trustees

Carano has done nothing for Austintown in all his recent political positions, it is time for him to not use this township as a place holder until some other position comes along. Plus he had never said that he was explicitly against JEDDs, which I can not support someone who does not come out and say no JEDDs. Shepas is the best candidate for the job, no political ties, and against JEDDs.

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Austintown woman faces rape charge in child pornography case

Worst part, she was employed at TLCC Daycare.

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School report cards show mixed results for Valley schools

I am not sure what the problem is with understanding these grades and if you are in the schools, then you know exactly what these things are reporting. Austintown has a good 4-yr and 5yr graduation rate, and they meet the performance indicators, but from year to year there is not a lot of improvement in ability of kids. So basically, a gifted kid doesn't grow his scores, the lowest 20% remain in the lowest 20% and the average kid stays average. Sounds about right with what I have seen.

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Copper stolen from Lloyd Elementary

We need to keep a better eye on these schools until they are completely down. As soon as Davis closed it became a haven for criminal activity. Don't let that happen in your neighborhoods!

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The Lemon Grove on its third name, business model

I didn't go to Rumors and don't go to Shotz because of the clientele. Knowing Furrie and his propensity to attract a way younger crowd (not always legal drinkers) at these other two places, Lemon Grove is now off my list as a possible evening destination.

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Mahoning County OKs oil and gas exploration.

Could have sworn when they first reported this, part of the testing would be down in Austintown Township Park. If this is still true, not cool Commissioners, not cool at all.

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City school teachers point to disparity

My favorite statement is that when the teacher started they were the highest paid, now they are the second lowest. Um, aren't you in the school district with the lowest test scores too? Sounds fair to me if pay is relative to students learning.

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