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Austintown schools co-chairmen struggle to educate voters on bond issue

1. From what has been said, the cost to revamp would be about 45 million of which I was told the state will still provide the 30 million.
2. No more money than the 30 is being offered.
3. No, on more selective on open enrollment.
4. Yes, there are open enrollment kids who cause problems, but there are Atown kids who do as well. The school needs to be stricter instead of adopting the same discipline strategy that Chaney and Ytown schools did when Chaney had so many issues. There are constant fights.
5. The auditorium needs work, yes, but the gym and stadium just had major improvements. To use 10 million on re-re-doing that is just another example of how they like to waste money.

The heating issue with pipes bursting has been known about for years. Allegedly our maintenance staff in the high school have been told no preventative maintenance there. Our hand is being forced to pass this, just like it was when they wanted to replace the old AMS, which we never got reimbursed from the state for. I am 50/50 on passing this just so they can't possibly screw up getting the state money like they did with AMS. However, we need a new architect and new construction people to do this project, because the new schools still have major issues that have no been fixed and were not designed to house the students we have. Heck, half the kids have gym in the other building from the one they are in, how do you possible get to be the architect again when you not only build AMS too small, but you also made both of the new schools too small.

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Officials say Austintown school issues show need for new building

Why do we need 10 million to rehab the current stadium/gym when the turf was just replaced, all the press boxes were redone, the visitors section just redone and the gym has a newer floor and new bleachers? It would only cost the district 45 million total to rehab Fitch, with the state still paying 30 million of that cost. Instead, this jerk who bought Ipads for all his buddies in the schools, wants the tax payers to fork over 45 million so he can pad his resume some more with a state of the art school. It is time for the Super to go!!!

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Officials say Austintown school issues show need for new building

If they just maintained their buildings there would not be these issues. The BOE and Super can't be bothered to spend money on maintenance when it is so easy to use the open enrollment kids coming from Youngstown to convince the OSFC that we are an impoverished district and need 30 million to replace a school building.

Fun thing to note, the cost to replace the current Fitch with a new gym and to rehab the current gym (because they are not tearing it down) will be about 75 million. The cost to rehab it will be 45 million and the state is paying 30 million either way. Hmmmm, makes you wonder why they are pushing so bad for a new building when rehabbing it seems the way to go.

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Austintown to vote on school bond issue in May

It is not almost 50/50. The total cost of the project is 75 million with the state providing 30 million. Great math skills there buddy! Also, why do we need more classrooms for early learning when we have an entire elementary school available? Maybe not having offices for every Tom, Dick and Harry the schools hires over there would be a better idea. NO thank you, go pad your resume some place else please. We don't want you in Atown anymore. I am not paying for new schools so more open enrollment kids can come in.

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Man dressed as puppy in Boardman comfortable in cold

Backyard breeders are just as much a problem as puppy mills. Do not buy your next best friend - RESCUE them!

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Falcon murals done by local artist

typical - the logo is no longer the Falcon, it is the AF in the circle. They have removed the Falcon from the correspondence, etc. because the marketing firm they hired told them to change it. That was when the original mural paintings were done in the schools.

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Falcon murals done by local artist

The AMS ones were done when they built the new school and then he went in and re-did the one in Fitch and the ones in all the old schools first, back when his dad was on the board. I like the art, I think it looks great, but making it seem like everything was all done this year with the new schools is misleading. This nothing against Aaron, it is just to point out the wasteful spending our school system has adopted for years now. I am surprised they didn't include the name of the marketing firm they hired to come up with our "brand".

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Austintown principals sumo wrestle to reward students

Best thing about Austintown Schools are the staff!!!

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Austintown schools chief, board member file police reports

"neutralvoice" is not so neutral. Your name should be "employed by ALSD".

I do agree with "falconpride", it is time to end this. On the eve of a playoff game, this is not the type of article that should be in the paper. We should be rallying around our football players - there should be positive things coming out about them, not more of this crap.


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Retain Davis, welcome back Carano as Austintown trustees

I still don't see where Carano did anything during his state job's that benefited Austintown. Was he a great teacher, yes, but that was before his political runs. Being inducted into a democratic hall of fame does nothing for the township. Where are the dollars he brought into the community.....oh, right, there aren't any. Thanks for playing though.

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