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Supplier issue cuts back Lordstown GM production


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YSU awaiting additional details on Trump visit

The room can hold how nany?? lol

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Trump to stump at YSU Monday

@Pookie: While your opinions are strong, your knowledge of history is a tad weak. The KKK was started and supported by Democrats for almost a century. Thus, I doubt that you mean local Democrats are sponsoring Trump's visit to YSU.

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Lowellville police chief resigns after agreeing to protection order

I'm waiting for the second shoe to fall: Betras filing a $15 million lawsuit against Lowelville, since "they should have known," for his client's emotional distress.

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Mll Creek officials exchange firery emails

Anyone aware of Dr Shipka's history and demeanor is surprised by his behavior.

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Kasich says he’s focused on helping down-ballot candidates

I suspect any Republican member of congress would keep their distance from Mr Kasich. Why? He has demonstrated he is not a man of his word.

Their likely answer to him inviting himself to an event? "Pfft!"

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GOP CONVENTION | Mandel looking ahead to 2018 Senate run

After Mr Kasich's "it's all about me" behavior towards the end of the primary -- and his breaking of the promise he made during the first debate -- I would encorage Mr Mandel to consider running for governor.

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The Kasich, Trump divide

Mr de Souza: you fail to mention Mr Kasich gave his word at the first debate to support/endorse the eventual nominee. Of course, such a fact does not fit your obvious -- and misguided -- agenda.

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Mahoning County mulls moving offices to Oakhill

Kudos, Mr Milliken on yet ANOTHER outstanding piece by you! Thank you for such thorough reporting, and succinct writing.

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Long days at GOP convention will bring in-depth Valley views

How sad your life must be, Mr Skolnick, to pour your heart-and-soul out in such a self-serving, woe-is-me, "look what I'm gonna do for you" article. Instead of focusing, for example, on how exciting it will be to report back to a heavily Democrat Valley the ins-and-out of a Republican National Convention, YOU write a column begging for pity in advance. How very sad. (btw...rising early? Join the MANY folks in the Valley who rise ar 4 or so. Makes for a productive day -- NOT a whiney one. Also, Cleveland is quite advanced -- they have moteks.)

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