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Trump’s worst torment

@ kurtw:

I have never been confused with being great and I apologize if I hadn't been clear, but let me be clear now-

I would graciously accept speaking invitations as long as the fee would pay my expenses and parking is validated.

And if you think stupid people would read my words, I can only imagine the stupidity of those whom respond to my words...

Yea!!! I got a point in :)

Well, I cannot doubt your words that I am stupid and in that spirit I no longer wish to embarrass myself in an editorial format.

Therefore kurtw., I shall no longer post comments and this is my very last post. Believe it. I think this is number 1,28+ and I am done, finished.

You win kurtw.

And everyone whom has read my posts and feel the same as kurtw., I apologize I have wasted your time with my viewpoints and ideologies.

Thank you Youngstown. Good Night!

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Youngstown council rejects the final three recommendations from the charter review commission

What was the city's population when the 7 wards were established?

What was the city's population in 1980?

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Dellick faces federal gun charge

What a cheerleading section!!!-

Give me a "L"!
Give me a "O"!
Give me a "S"!
Give me a "E"!
Give me a "R"!

What's it spell?!


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Kids learn about being a cop today at city academy

Also being taught is how to park on a sidewalk while parking on the street and that bottle-esque items on the sidewalk should remain on the sidewalk - let someone else deal with that.

Nice hand bag Baldwin-Casey.

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First ’juvenile lifers’ in Pennsylvania granted parole

@ tannhauser:

"they were f"ing kids that you want to lock away for life... they deserve our compassion.."

These youth that were locked away committed murder and other violent crimes. You have obviously never been a victim of a violent crime. Anyone whom feels these inmates from youth should get out are fools. These inmates should remain in jail.

Anyway to hear from the victims families?

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Trump’s promise to make US a winner resonating in Valley

The United States Government: 1913; Dec 23
The United States Government: 2011; Aug 5

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Trump’s worst torment

This post marks my 1,282 post. Yeah for me!


I was trying to communicate that both candidates are owned by the bankers and when the bankers kill / re-set / change over the economy and also wish to get aggressive in putting humanity at 500,000,000 or less (Georgia Guidestones? -Alberta Georgia) if Trump is elected he could easily do his thing while the world economy gets re-set. Trump gets blamed publicly for being terrible yet privately is heralded a savior by the bankers and elites.

Regarding eliminating entitled jerkys, I am stating millions would get killed when the welfare system is changed / eliminated from its current system. I personally do not care at all about the deaths of individuals if they are not performing work for the greater benefit of all. These people are given it all to help them along, but it is never enough and want more and more and complain and accuse others- that it is someone else fault for their demise, their inability to have a lifestyle of leisure. Someone else's fault for not having employment and EXPECT others to be mommy and daddy to them and save them from being a productive and mature adult. Yes, these folks have nothing to offer and I have no issue with them leaving our planet in a body bag as well.

Retirees have put their time in and should be left alone to live a retired lifestyle in peace.

Point being, 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand is the outcome and certainly there is nothing wrong with starting a new way of life, but ONLY for those responsible and willing to produce accomplishment of goals. -Not for those whom rape the entitlement system and not for those whom take for granted the privileges by inventive and productive Americans. Americans whom PRODUCED for the betterment of Americans / mankind.

I have been low on steam lately, but is that better kurtw? :)

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Uber billionaire Bloomberg stomps on lesser billionaire Trump

@ rocky14:

It's 'SATAN' not 'SATIN'.

Call YSU psychology department and get an I.Q. test- it's FREE.

What? Now vindy will delete this comment too (oh askmeificare you are such a verbal batterer!)?

Give me a break. Give us all a break. Shouldn't there be a comment section for people with I.Q.'s over 120? -At least think about it.

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Worst chapters ahead for Mill Creek?

dacountryboy stated it all:

"The bottom line is that Mr. Young is not fitting in and it is time for him to go. A person in tune with nature and a knack to maintain the park to attract visitors is needed."

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Couple takes interest in abandoned North Side cemetery

Very happy Lou and Sally Joseph of Boardman are doing the work that they do.

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