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In hindsight, U.S. investment in auto industry was brilliant

Ianacek, even if everything was run at GM with the best leadership their sales would be nowhere near where they we were 12 years ago. Theres more choices for buyers now that quite frankly are better cars. You ever see the difference in a domestic interior from lets say GM and one from Europe. I mean compare the interior of a Caddilac to a BMW. Last year i chose a 2011 3 series over the 2011 Caddy CTS. I wish i could help our own employment but Im not givin 40k away to something thats not as good.

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Do you need visual proof to believe Osama bin Laden is really dead?

No, Al Qaeda themselves said hes dead.

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Democrat’s pro-gay speech racks up YouTube views

Well said city_dweller, well said. Why does anyone give a flyin funk what other people do? I think gays have every right just as hetero's to get married then get divorced like anyone else.

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Obama: There will still be threats out there

You can always turn any narrative into its simplest terms. He might as well said there has always been bad guys and we cant kill them all.

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How will Obama treat Bibi?

LOL, im not trollin you redeye i swear. But BUT Obama isnt muslim. lol That old story. Even though hes been christian his whole life.

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Demand for gasoline continues to decline

Im neither liberal or conservative and i understand its way early in the game but its next to impossible for anyone to put obama out hes gonna wash anyone who goes up against him.

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Photos will not be released

Obama, Gates, Clinton all gave reasons as to why we shouldnt release them. I agree with them as well. What do you gain by releasing them? People are going to say there fake anyways. In fact i believe all the admin should have said was we killed him and the SEALS did it. Thats all we need to know. I like how some people believe the govt owes them these pictures and some people want to see the video feed of the events. The military did it. And if its deemed Top Secret noone should see a damn thing.

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Oil price tumbles as unemployment claims rise

Yea because Obama has a say in how gas prices fluctuate from investing on Wall St and its his policies doing it. /s

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Killing of Osama bin Laden a major step in war on terror

Stan, whats your comment meant to mean? That Obama wants gas prices raised? Nope, hes not in the oil bussiness. That Obama could somehow kill Osama whenever he wanted and that now with the economy and gas prices high and his approval ratings low that now was the time to kill Osama? Nope, thats tinfoil hat, aliens and conspiracies nonsense.

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UPDATED: 'Justice has been done'

Fatty, take off the tinfoil hat crazy man.

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