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Mahoning CSB approves pay raises for workers

I am so fed up with all these people whinin bout unemployment. It needs to be cut at some point anyway. All you doing is giving people free money to sit at home. Most people who want to work and feel its important only lean on unemployment for a short time and do what they gotta do work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.At leaset that's what my mama taught me. Nowadays, thanks to unemployment and the beautiful welfare system that was created (thanks nixon, thanks johnson) we have a whole population of people who think they are entitled to be cared for by the government. Hey if you can't find a job, here are some tips: put in applications everyday daily, call to inquire about your application after is has been submitted, if you get an interview be on time, look clean, talk like you have at least a 9th grade education, if you get the job show up for work! I refuse to buy into this BS, people just don't want to work or think they are too good to work the jobs available. I'm not sayin this goes for everyone but most! I refuse to have that type of thinking or blame these CSB workers for unemployment. I'm assuming they all have a college degree. I only wish I went to college so I wouldnt have to deal with the crappy jobs out there but hey you do what you gotta do work hard and keep your dependence on the system to a minimum!

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