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Kasich says he will keep spending on Ohio-Ky. bridge project

Another bridge to nowhere..

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Policy for drug testing mulled

Why are students who drives to school or participates in sports singled out? The students who give the extra effort, practice, workout, and spend hours upon hours to participate in sports are the ones getting tested. If you go to school, do NOTHING extra, don't represent your school, then your are safe from drug testing.

This makes ZERO sense.

How about randomly testing 20% of students, teachers and administration? IF the students are fully aware that teachers and administration are being tested and drug free, that would help show that they have role models to look up to.

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The governor touted the state’s job creation under his watch

Evio aka spinner,

Say it how you want. I know darn well the backlash President Obama would get from the same statement.

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The governor touted the state’s job creation under his watch

“A big part of my responsibility on Earth is to help people who cannot help themselves.”

Just imagine what the repub's on here would write if Pres. Obama spoke this same statement. Oh yea, its when Obama says jobs are created it is the Rupubs that won't accept the new numbers. They just say since people quit looking for a job, doesn't mean they found a job.

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Gov. Kasich seeks additional snow days

At least this idea is coming from a Repub Gov, because if a Dem had this idea all heck would break loose.

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Gun-toting thugs beware, U.S. Attorney warns


We are not going to be disarmed by the Govt. That may be your thoughts, but why try and scare people about things that are not happening. You can and still will be allowed to buy and have a CCW.

Unless you want every man, woman, and child no matter their criminal history, state of mind, or age to have guns, let the laws work that we have.

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Youngstown brother, 25, slain outside shop on South Side

One of the benefits of carrying weapons is to be able to shot anybody for any misunderstanding.

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Ursuline bounced on late field goal

OHSAA should be embarrasses to let a 4-6 team in the playoffs

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Holiday homes tour in Springfield Twp.

Wow...little early? Let's get through Thanksgiving. Gee.

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Social-media threats forces cancellation of Harding football game

Warren JFK plays tonight (In Warren) at 7pm against Cleveland Central Cath.
Interesting...why? that its so much safer few miles away in warren community?

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