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Youngstown cops reject labor contract granting raises


If you like, you could go to the Police academy. You could be a reserve and work for free a couple of years, and then become a paid police officer in YTown. See if you enjoy it.

I wonder if you will enjoy breaking up bar fights, domestics, and being shot at. A hour later you can arrest a drunk and be spit and puked on. Don't forget to swing by the murder scene and collect evidence, don't step in the evidence or else it will all be thrown out of court because you made one tiny mistake on your hours of paperwork.

Then consider if they have a great job and benefits.

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YSU to lay off 15 employees and eliminate 43 vacant positions

So Red,

What does voting in Ytown have to do with YSU?

You defend Kasich from YSU mistakes and somehow make the connection to local voting.

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Thunder Over the Valley 2014 is the Struthers native's last show

I give a great big THANK YOU to Staff Sgt. Jarid J. Watson and all of our military men and women. It is nice to read about tour hometown servicemen and there dedicated service to our country.

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Coldwater Creek files for bankruptcy, will close stores


Lets review, You blame the Dem's when Reagan was president. Then why do you NOT blame the repub led Congress under Obama?

I am not sure you look at things equally and objectively. Oh, watching too much "fair and balanced" news.

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Coldwater Creek files for bankruptcy, will close stores

So I assume the stock market nearly doubling, unemployment not as bad as it was 6 years ago and the housing market rebounding, you give credit to Obama for that.

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Drug screening expanded to Austintown school employees

If the students are tested, so should the faculty and administration.

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Coldwater Creek files for bankruptcy, will close stores


What? A business fails, so you blame the president of the USA. Really??

Usually the union is blamed. Oh, places without unions fail also??

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UPDATE | GM to recall 824,000 more cars

It amazes and AMUSES me how quick the posters on here slam GM every time a recall happens. However NUMEROUS other vehicles are recalled all the time. And posters give the other car makers credit for making such good cars, better then GM. Seems posters want to slam the workers for building a bad car. But the workers are only doing their job.

Recall Lookup : FORD : 2013
Select a model for 2013 FORD
2013 FORD ESCAPE recall lookup.
2013 FORD F-53 recall lookup.
2013 FORD FIESTA recall lookup.
2013 FORD FOCUS recall lookup.
2013 FORD FUSION recall lookup.
2013 FORD MUSTANG recall lookup.

News for nissan recalls

Nissan Recalls 990000 Vehicles for Air Bag Malfunction

New York Times ‎- 2 days ago

A software problem in some 2013-14 Nissan and Infiniti models could keep a front passenger air bag from deploying in a collision.

Nissan Recalls More Than 1M Vehicles for Air Bags

ABC News‎ - 2 days ago

Nissan Recalls Over 1M Cars for Air Bag Glitch

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Valley ranks near bottom in American quality-of-life index

Just finding yesterday's headlined article interesting. "Valley Ranks Near Bottom In American Quality- Of -Life Index, published :3/26/14. Compared with today's headlined article, Austintown's Racino Construction On Track, published: 3/27/14.

One day the Valley is sunk on a survey regarding Quality-Of-Life ...the Next Day we see article to a Racino opening!

as stated:Well-being “is the combination of many aspects of life” and “is about the interaction between physical health, finding your daily work and experiences fulfilling, having strong social relationships and access to the resources you need, feeling financially secure and being part of true community,” As such, six domains of well-being make up the Well-Being Index: life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors and basic access.

Any extra thoughts?

Maybe the essence of "quality of life" gets a boost in a single day! We shall see in the fall when Valley Racino opens and a new survey re-evaluates quality- of- life for the valley again!

ahhh, what a concept!

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Austintown racino’s construction on track

Finding it interesting that yesterday's featured headline Vindicator article contains "55 comments" regarding our "Valley Ranks Near Bottom Of American Quality of Life" Now today, what do we have? Austintown Racino's Construction On Track" for the Valley.

Any thoughts?

Maybe the essence of "quality of life" gets a boost in a single day! Shall we see in the fall when racino opens and survey the valley again?

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