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Youngstown community mourns Orlando shooting victims

Ban Muslims
More flawed logic by the Right?

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Youngstown community mourns Orlando shooting victims

The Constitution gives the " right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Woody?? What constitution says once "The felon, do to his actions and being convicted in court, has forfeited that right."

That is a law made up by the lawmakers. Why do you support that law? That is infringing on the felons rights.

I guess it is OK to infringe on others rights, just not your rights.

I am not against owning a gun. I just believe in needing a AR15 or anything like that

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Dems to GOP senators: Have hearings on Supreme Court nominee

There is NO reason to hold off on filling the court. ZERO reason. The President and Senate and Congress should do their job. Quit playing politics.

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2 Youngstown cops injured by man who threw woman out in cold


Maybe you should have Billy Johnson "write a bill and Do something! He is nonexistent and useless! - "

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U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, wants to wait until there’s a new president before filling a Supreme Court seat

Sorry Mr Portman, the constitution does not say wait 11 months to fill the empty seat of the Supreme Court. Why would we want to wait 11 plus months to fill that position?

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25 Canfield student donate hair to raise money for fellow student

Why does the headline mention Canfield and the article is about LaBrae students?

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Warren police investigating houses shot at Sunday

These shooters have the Constitutional Rights to have these guns.

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Exterran sends workers home; plans temporary closure by March

HMMM No union to blame. No wonder nobody is commenting on this.

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About 4,200 lose power tonight around Mahoning County

Really, How can you possibly blame Obama for this? Reminds me of when people blamed Pres Bush for New Orleans flooding after hurricane Katrina.

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OSHP troopers seize 235 pounds of suspected marijuana in Lorain County


If the police told the criminals, "this is what we look for, here is our criminal indicator list" don't you think the woud be kind of foolish.

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