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Trump says Clinton trying to rig debates with NFL conflicts

I am really surprised that the debate schedulers would only consult Hillary and not Donald.

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GOP CONVENTION | Trump campaign dismisses criticism of Melania Trump speech

Donald Trump’s campaign is denying any similarities between Melania Trump’s speech during the Republican convention and Michelle Obama’s speech during the Democratic convention is 2008, and instead blaming it on Hillary Clinton.

Campaign manager Paul Manafort not only denied the accusations (he called them “crazy” on CNN Tuesday morning) but he suggested that the reaction was because Hillary Clinton felt “threatened.”

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Dems stage protest over guns

They do blame the people. That is why they want suspected terrorists unable to by guns and ammo. They do look at vehicles and which ones are in more fatality accidents and make more safety in vehicles. Dont let facts get in your way.

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Trump will be Trump

This article is about Trump. But some how the Repubs twist it around to Hillary. Trump still is a business man and has every right to run his business as he runs for President.

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Brexit may have little impact on US, experts say

How is it President Obama's fault?

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James had a MVP series with a lot of great supporting cast. I give all the credit to CAVS. The defense was awesome. I really believe LeBron got into Curry's head and the Warriors choked. Any team up 3-1 with 2 of 3 games in their our arena is a choke job. Saying the Warriors choked is NOT hating on the Cavs.

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Spiraling drug costs prompt call for major Medicare changes

Obamacare is a horrible plan. It is a crime that so many people have insurance now that did not have insurance before Obamacare.

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Obama urges Congress to reinstate assault weapons ban

The shooter was born in the USA. Your border argument would not stop this incident.

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Youngstown community mourns Orlando shooting victims

Redeye, FREEDOM of Religion. Remember the constitution??

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Youngstown community mourns Orlando shooting victims

A very very small percentage of gun owners commit these horrible acts.. So there is no reason to ban the guns. Clinton is wrong.

A very very small percentage of Muslims commit these horrible acts.. so there is no reason to ban them. Trump is wrong.


There is a better chance for you or I to be killed by a gun then a Mosque built in my backyard. Shootings and killings happen daily, mosque aren't built to often. I would know if a mosque is being built or plans for one. YOU have NO IDEA when or where the next shooting will take place. Bad arguement you have there.

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