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We’re helping the enemy

Hey Stan, don't try to play the 'Eridacate ze jews and ze christians' game. Oh, and about your 'morals?'

You already condoned genocide in one of your earlier posts about 'history.'

'The Spanish brought Christianity to America first and eradicated the practice of human sacrifices . It is ironic that today we view abortion as being moral which it isn't'

The 'Christian' government of the US led a genocide against MY people in OUR country. We had camps, re-education centers, forcible relocations, slaughter and rape of women and children, and mass graves.
But that was all for the best, so you know, we could hear gods word and go to 'heaven'. After all, we were all JUST 'Red' heathens, and going to hell anyway.
How very MORAL of you to condone genocide.
And look at the good it did for us now! Entire cultures of people vanished in a matter of decades, but hey, at least we've got the casinos right?

Before you say anything else, I went to war for this COUNTRY. Not for your RELIGION. Even though the 'great' USA completely destoyed my culture, and all we are left with is tourist attractions on little parcels of land and Casinos. I was taught about my culture through oral traditions and books; I couldn't even be raised the way that my ancestors were.

I swore an Oath when I joined the service. To defend the 'Constitution of the United States of America'. Not the Bible of America. And guess what, everyone's equal in the eyes of the Military. They don't force you to say 'God.' My dog-tags say 'NRP' - no religious preferences, because even today, the US government doesn't recognize my peoples beliefs. But I went to war for ALL OF US.

But I served for you, and all of the others on this board. So that you can get all 'righteous' and 'moral.' And to make sure that no one can do to YOU what was done to MY people.
That is very 'moral.'

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