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Youngstown mayor plans multi-front assault on gun violence in city

Those are the valley's demographics, then the demographics of murders by race. I cannot however find a study which highlights black on black crime. Typically when you throw out statistics you want to back your argument up with a reputable source. Unfortunately the studies that were on this that could be found a few years ago were white washed or overwhelmed by horrible search engine results. Lets just say this. We may see that most of the crimes put in the newspapers from Youngstown are commited by black Americans, but we don't know if that is due to the bias at the newspaper or not. This doesn't excuse any group of people of their actions, it is apparant there is a problem in the poor sections of youngstown. I dare say though that is more of a class issue than a race issue. Poverty brings out violence as people compete for resources.

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Youngstown mayor plans multi-front assault on gun violence in city

I am looking on the internet but I cannot find a discription of the program. So I am going to make a sweeping comment. encouraging law abiding citizens to give up their guns is only going to make the criminal element more powerful. They will get guns however they can. Whether it is in a home break in of a gun owner OR from the black market and having guns shipped in from other areas. There are ways of buying gun parts and putting your own together without registering. There are tons of ways to procure a gun if you are doing it illegally. I will never understand why people think taking Guns off "the street" will make a difference. Gun violence might go down, but it will be replaced with violence using other weapons. Manipulating the numbers to look favorable doesn't solve the problem.

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Obama in Columbus: Recovery to date is not enough

I love how you see all those signs on the roads that say "paid for by the stimulus"

Those signs are a waste of money and propaganda."see look what I did for you, can I haz cookie now?" * rolls eyes*

those road projects, they are temp jobs. Obama gave us temp jobs that is it.

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