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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you're looking down, you can't see something that's above you.”

C.S Lewis

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

(posted Aug 20) "Surprise Surprise, Loew needs to stick to his paving company because once his padded record champ loses these belts it will be game over. This can't surprise many, Pavlik ain't want no piece of Williams who will eat him alive. After getting schooled by a grandfather in Hopkins it is bout time media, press, and sporting world finally is seeing Pavlik's true colors. Let him enjoy these belts for now, he can't run, hide, and stay out of the ring forever. Mark my words Y-town's dahling and sweetheart will be no longer so hopefully he remembers what he learned at the joint vocational school in basket weaving." MrYtown

(posted August 22) " Contrary to popular belief I have no ill feelings towards Kelly Pavlik whom I know extremely well" MrYtown

One more and I'm done. I will take a moment to defend against some of the jabs taken against me and the points I was trying to make.
Oscar DeLaHoya is not anything close to white: He is a Mexican American last time I checked. You go tell him he's white, see if he agrees. The fight game in the United States is dominated by Latino's and Black Americans. Since your the expert, why don't you name me the last white fighter to make a purse in the realm of Mayweather or DeLaHoya (who is Mexican American by the way)?
Don't quote me out of context; I said MAYBE it was because he was white, not because he WAS white. It's called being speculative, not stating fact.
You don't have an agenda against Pavlik? Check the above quotes (not taken out of context), see the difference? They speak for themselves. You have posted on numerous other pages and stated your personal opinion. That, Sir, makes it an personal and reeks of having a hidden agenda.
Manny P is number 1 on everyones pound for pound list but yours. You place so much stock in their (experts and analysts) views and opinion, why change now?
MRSA and staph infections are not cause for grave concern? You cannot be serious. That is a "gem".
Also, St E's is a legitimate hospital that I am sure could realistically treat a staph infection, or do you have something against them to.
Sitting ringside does not make you an expert. What, you want a medal or something? Does that establish your superiority cause you smoked a couple of stogies with Burt Sugar ringside? Couldn't you have just went with "I was there".
Sir, you will not admit it, but it is personal. Otherwise you would not be taking your time away from the beautiful Pacific to post 6-7 times at a clip just to ensure that your point gets across. Your a better man than I cause if I was out that way, you can best believe that I wouldn't be posting 3-4 responses each time somebody responded to something I said that wasn't personal.

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

I'll go ahead and entertain your wish and post a response, but I am not so angry that I will post on three different occasions. If you are going to quote somebody, do it accurately. I never said "it doesn't matter if the fight happens ot not". I honestly hope it happens and Kelly destroys Williams. I said what I did in relation to people like yourself, that you will still continue your campaign against one of your own even if he destroys Williams.
If my medical knowledge is a joke, why didn't you school me like you have with your "awesome" boxing knowledge. Do you really think that MRSA, Cellulitus, or a staph infection are as treatable as the common cold? What did I say that made my medical knowledge any less than yours?
Do you really think that Hopkins knocked Kelly into another dimension? The fight I saw went the distance, one sided yes, but it still went the distance. Nonito Donaire knocking out Darchinyan, that is knocking somebody into another dimension. I refer to my earlier comment, you will do what is absolutely necessary to take that loss and magnify it 100x to meet your agenda, which was the point of my earlier post, not to engage in a contest of boxing knowledge. On top of that, most of what you stated reeks of bias and opinion. The facts that you did state (smaller purses, opinions of experts and analysts) are already well known. Is there anything else you wish to regurgitate for us?
Why hasnt Kelly made as big a purse as some of the people you named? Maybe it's because he is white(I'm not even going to go into Boxing demographics, or maybe you can just educate me with about 5-6 posts, with special attention focused on Mayweather) or maybe it is because Bob Arum is more focused on his baby Manny. Let me ask you this; Why have the Williams-Pavlik fight in Atlantic City? (I know the answer, lets see if you do). In regards to Mayweather, I'll be honest; I'll gladly pay 50-60 dollars in the hopes of seeing his smart alek mouth get rearranged. I haven't been fortunate enough yet, but his time will come. Maybe we can have another round when that happens (since you devoted a whole post to singing his praises (but I'm the Blow toy), which may be here soon.
Listen, lets be honest, you posted three posts that were filled with alot of fluff and things that everybody already knows and had nothing to do with what I was originally trying to convey. When did I ever mention anything about his take home dollars? My original post was meant to point out the lack of support and how it seems everybody had turned their back on Kelly Pavlik. We could go around and around all day about Hopkins, I still think he can fight and honestly believe that he will win another belt. You think he's washed up (then again, your the expert). MrYtown, you and I will get nowhere because we are both firm in the stances we take. However, I think you are taking this a little more tougher than I am.

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

It doesn't really matter if the fight happens and Kelly beats the living hell out of Williams, the rumors will continue and people will continue to run their mouths. I cannot understand why there are so many people that wish bad things for one of their own unless A.) they were associated with Kelly and got shown the door for being a snake, or B.) are like MrYtown and wanted an autograph to sell on EBay and aint want no autograph made out with they name on it.
Many of the comments also show gross ignorance on the part of the individual posters. 1.) To make a joke about Bernard Hopkins, his age and fighting ability is laughable, and I'm not laughing with you. Williams lost to Carlos Quintana, who aint no Bernard Hopkins. Believe me, Hopkins beats your precious Williams any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Yeah, Hopkins has a few losses on his record, but not counting his very first fight you are looking at Roy Jones Jr, Jermaine Taylor twice (which are heaviliy disputed by many), and Joe Calzaghe (which also could have gone either way). The man is a Hall of Famer!! For you to criticize him in order to make Kelly's loss to him more horrific is ignorant, grossly biased, and personal. Bet none you aint want no part of an Old Grandpa Hopkins.
2.) Staff infections, Cellulitus and MRSA are no joke. Tom Brady was down for months because of it, and may have not yet fully recovered from it. Let me guess, he's a vagrant bum too? Ok. Did you want Kelly to fight one handed too?
Regardless, all this going back and forth will get us no where, because at the end of the day there will be those who want to see him succeed, and there will be those who do not because "misery loves company", especially in Youngstown.

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Pavlik ready for October fight

Your comments reek of bias and read like a child throwing a tantrum. Copstarkey never said that he was the "savior" of Youngstown, and never compared him with the Almighty, you did. As far as the list, it's like comparing Apples to Oranges. Kelly is an Athelete, Dave Grohl is a musician, Bishop Murray is a man of the cloth, etc... By the way, where is it written that an Athelete must live by some moral code? It is we, the citizens of Youngstown who put Kelly in this realm of "savior" by painting him in this box. Okay, he likes to drink in a bar, well, so do I but I don't think that makes me a bad citizen. When Kelly got into that scuffle with that "off duty" deputy, he gave his word that he would not get into any other trouble that would portary him or the city of Youngstown in a negative light. So far he has kept his word. The story about Rehab has not been proven as being legit, the man in the bar just recently asked for the case to get dropped. If anyone is the victim here, it is Mr. Pavlik. His celebrity status has sadly brought out the witch hunt.
I will not pretend to even understand the matchmaking realm of boxing, but I know enough to know that Kelly does have a matchmaker, and that he fights whoever they say he should. The fight with Sergio Mora was called off, self admittedly, by Top Rank. If Kelly had that much power, why even fight for Top Rank?

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