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Gerberry’s legislative record shows commitment to public

"Unfortunately, she received bad advice fromthe county Republican Party and the Republican legislative caucus in Columbus."

And instead she should run for county office? That is better advice how? Do you guys even look at things like indexes and turnout? How on earth would she have been better running county wide?

If the Vindicator Editorial Board would like to comment on where Kim would make up losses of 150-1 and 200-1 in a number of Youngstown City precincts, I would love to hear where. I would love to hear where she would overcome the deficits in Austintown.

In order for her to overcome that, should would not only have to beat Gerberry in Boardman, she would outright have to destroy him in numbers.

Guess what, the 59th District is more favorable in numbers guys, like it or not. If you think you can do a better job running these kinds of campaigns, you are welcome the opportunity.

But to say she was given bad advice is insulting, because everyone did their homework on this one on which would have been a better race.

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President must face ‘reality’

More cheerleading from the Obama peanut gallery.

I'm glad to see his surrogates are defending him when he obviously is unable to do so himself. Yes Bertram, I am calling you an Obama surrogate because you do most of the cheerleading on his behalf these days. I don't know if it is to sell papers or if it is because you truly believe the Obama dogma.

This is what we have all come to expect from the media after the stomping Obama took last week: Romney won because he used sound bites that appealed to an uninformed and mindless audience (jibber jabber if you will), and Obama's superior intellect and grasp of the issues was too high above the thinking for the average American.

Maybe it was just because Obama sucked and was lazy preparing, not to mention he cannot defend the last 4 years of screwing up.

You think the domestic debate was bad for Obama? Wait until you see foreign policy.

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City should take into account the hazards of shale gas development

The Kurz letter sounds canned, which Obama hack around here wrote it I wonder.

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Obama, Clinton to blame in Libya

Pay no attention to these hacks Tom, these are the same ones who blamed Bush in 2008 for everything from 9/11 to when they ran out of toilet paper at their house.

A Democratic base in the Mahoning Valley that champions the legacy of John Kennedy's is supporting a a president who goes against everything he ever stood for.

Pay no attention Tom, these people get what they deserve when they support Obama.

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More than one way to dodge taxes

Obama has already raided Medicare to pay for ObamaCare. So this whole argument against Romney on that issue in favor of Obama is kind of irrelevant in light of the fact Obama has already has stolen money from it.

Who raided Social Security? Clinton, so don't give us this line of crap about Romney and Ryan doing anything worse than what the former and current presidents have done.

And when Obama stops making secret deals in Chicago with his friends, maybe we can talk about the Caymens.

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What were young voters thinking?

"His policies and actions have shown him to be a centrist moderate. The U.S. has not lost respect in the eyes of the world. World polls show the U.S. to be well respected."

Is this the truth or a lie? Pew Research shows the following, and it pretty much invalidates that statement:

Approval of America in Muslim countries has dropped 10% to a whopping approval of 15%. There is a improvement.

China is at 43% approval, Russia is at 52% approval, Mexico is at 56%, and the Europeans are at a 60% approval, mostly because they are socialist anyway and do not disagree with Obama's socialist policies.

If that is mass world approval, then call me surprised. It seems to me about half of the world population hates us, and in particular in the Muslim countries Obama said he would improve relations with but only made worse.

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Courts slow GOP attack on voting

Well, first of all Issue 2 is going down. Sorry to bust that bubble. No I'm not.

On the issue of weekend voting, whatever did we do without it years ago when we had a single day to vote?

Oh, that's right, we were responsible enough to get to the polls. Or were we disenfranchising everyone back then too?

If that is the case, we should invalidate every election back to 1900.

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Economic stands put Obama ahead

So what you are actually saying is Romney and Obama are even.

6 percent oversampling of Democrats? That explains your 6 point lead.

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Have you seen the candidates?

Wilson's people know exactly where Congressman Johnson is, that is why they keep following him around.

Act of a desperate man to pay a tracker? Absolutely.

I know the political makeup of that district well. That poll might have been true for the old 6th, but looking at the areas the 6th picked up and dropped, I don't believe that poll for a second.

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Thank God for Jim Traficant

I'm don't see how every registered voter receiving an absentee ballot application in the mail PLUS 35 days of in person absentee voting (with extended voting hours mind you) and 13 hours to vote on Election Day itself is disenfranchising anyone.

Joe, I think you are a decent guy and do a decent job representing the Mahoning Valley in Columbus, but even you must see the error in the logic you are using here.

If we are disenfranchising voters now by not having the polls open the three days preceding the Election, we must have disenfranchised everyone the last fifty years as well. This is ridiculous logic.

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