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Where are the incumbents?

Quite frankly, the electorate voted for the policies those states are adopting, as much as the electorate voted an incompetent, unqualified person into the White House. Maybe sometime before 2016 he will stop campaigning and start governing like a competent leader, but seeing as how the election of this individual has shaken my faith in humanity, I am going to hope for the best and expect the worst in the meantime.

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Where are the incumbents?

Sorry to break up the party, but 1.) Johnson won before redistricting and 2.) Democrats would have stacked the deck with districting if they were in charge of it, let's be fair about that point. Don't go assuming this is some one sided phenomenon.

And are you really going to use Michigan as an example? Take a walk through Detroit sometime and point out some Republican policies that caused that mess. The blame lies squarely with the Democrats on that one, and even now they want Americans to subsidize their liberal lunacy by giving the city of Detroit a bailout. Too bad, my tax dollars shouldn't be going to rewarding bad decision making.

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Zimmerman’s not-guilty verdict doesn’t make him totally innocent

I don't think bringing up black on white or black on black crime trivializes the case at all. It is a legitimate criticism, and one the media cannot defend. I mean, let's be fair about it. If the reverse was true in this case, would the national media have seized on this case with the same vigor?

Absolutely not, because it does not fit their narrative. In Baltimore's Little Italy, an employee leaving his job at a restaurant late in the evening got beaten to a pulp by fourteen African American youth. Why didn't the media make a national fuss over that case? 14 on 1 is a pretty big deal I think, but apparently the media doesn't think so, and certainly not Mr. Sharpton or Mr. Jackson.

We need a real honest discussion about race in America, but don't count on the media to do any favors making it happen. For them, it is a one way street and they will actively black out anything that goes against their point of view.

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City Bill of Rights aims to help residents, not hurt businesses

"Section 122-4 The provisions of this Section are severable. If any court of competent jurisdiction decides that any sub-section, clause, sentence, part, or provision of this section is illegal, invalid, or unconstitutional, such decision shall not affect, impair, or invalidate any of the remaining sub-sections, clauses, sentences, parts, or provisions of this Bill of Rights and its prohibitions."

It seems to me the drafters of the Community Bill of Rights are not even sure themselves if this is 100% constitutional or not, like they are expecting this to be brought into court and are of the belief they stand a good chance of losing.

This clause alone is reason enough to vote this thing down. If a clause like this one is needed, there is obviously a problem somewhere. The taxpayers of Youngstown should not have to pay to subsidize this madness, especially since they already voted no a few months ago.

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When your time’s up, it’s up

Not that he doesn't raise a few valid points

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When your time’s up, it’s up

Anyone else read this editorial and think it was hilarious? All of you guys took this way too seriously. If you looked at the title of this thing, you automatically should have known whoever wrote this was a crackpot or someone trying to troll the posters by writing an insane letter just to make them mad. If the latter is true, kudos Mr. Watts!

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Greed fuels rapid rise in gas prices

The evidence overwhelmingly supported the verdict in the Zimmerman case,and lends itself to testimony that charges shouldn't have been pursued in the first place. If anything, Flordia's AG ought to apologize for wasting the taxpayer's time and money, and Obama should apologize for opening his mouth prematurely and instigating racial tensions.

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All eyes on 6th District race

That is pretty impressive Flick, considering Johnson beat Wilson before the redistricting.

By the way, you might want to take a look at Charlie Wilson's personal financial reports and see which companies he invested in--you know, see how many companies he owns large amounts of shares in that employ people overseas. I mean, let's be fair about it, I'm not going to knock Wilson for making investments, but you seem to be under the impression the Democratic alternative might have been better about it. I assure you that is not the case.

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The right to vote is our salvation

So does someone care to explain how in particular this gentleman's right to vote is being infringed upon? Seriously, this letter is all over the place and he is being accusatory to Republicans in particular?

Apparently someone is not aware how the federal government, led by President Obama, tried to force Catholic institutions into honoring laws that went against their religious beliefs. If Mr. Shanabarger would be so kind as to point out which Republican tried to infringe upon those religious beliefs, it would be welcome.

Or maybe he would like to comment on how the IRS was used as a political tool to go after opponents that were exercising their right to free speech when conservative groups were specifically targeted for audits while their liberal counterparts got a free pass.

Or maybe he would like to comment on freedom of the press or lack thereof when the AP had their phones tapped by the Justice Department or when Attorney General Eric Holder lied about having knowledge of the warrant against FOX News analyst James Rosen when in fact his signature was on the warrant itself.

The only person threatened with jail time for reporting government wrong doing to the press was Edward Snowden reporting on the government surveillance at the NSA, and it is Obama that is trying to get him, not the Republicans as this writer alludes to.

Yes, Republicans are definitely the problem in 2013, because they must be responsible for all of these blunders. Obama may be in charge of the White House and all the agencies that fall under him, but who knew it was the Republicans all along that really controlled things.

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Garrison making right moves in 6th

Lace, like it or not, this district is conservative and always has been, partisan affiliations aside. The district has no more in common with the progressives in California than an apple has in common with a hubcap.

Labor went with Obama, a true progressive, and now they have rued the day since he lied to them about healthcare. The progressives in Washington stuck it to everyone, the last thing anyone needs is another progressive in the 6th District.

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