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Airport officials seeking financial support for United flights

These are all great comments and questions. First, we have already received over 600 responses from businesses interested in using the United service at the local Airport. Second, Airlines do not start service at an Airport that lost daily service 10 years ago. They ALL require a revenue guarantee for their risk taking. It is not considered a subsidy. It merely keeps the operation at a 5% profit margin during the start-up. When the service reaches a 72% load factor, the service is considered sustained, and the revenue guarantee stops. This service has been forecasted to sustain itself within 3 - 6 months. The airline knows this and would also not consider service at an Airport / Community unless they are sure the demand is there and believe the service will sustain itself. Third, the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport has proved its ability to operate air service. In 2006 Allegiant started with flights to Orlando and now we are up to four destination with the addition of Myrtle Beach, St. Petersburg, and Fort Meyers. In 2013 over 100,000 passengers passed through the YNG terminal. With the current schedule, not including United, we are expecting over 125,000 passengers. Fourth, the reason people will not drive to CLE or PIT if United comes to YNG is because United has pledged to keep the YNG fares at the same as can be purchased at CLE and PIT. They will save time and money by not having to drive to these other airports and will save even more with the $6.00 per day parking vs $12 - $15 at the other airports. Additionally, since neither PIT or CLE are hub airports, there is no advantage to flying from CLE or PIT. You are going to get a connecting flight in most cases to your final destination unless you are flying to Chicago for business or otherwise. I hope this helps.

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