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17th All-American Bike Show caps annual March of Dimes drive

Another example of the generosity of UAW members.

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Thousands rally in diverse counterpoint to Beck, tea-party activists

I've watched the interviews of those 'patriots' at Becks shindig. I heard many of them speak of evil,so it's false to claim it was all about peace,love and understanding.The teabaggers are the ones who want to frame this into enemy terms.I have witnessed it with the ones I have tangled with personally.So be it.Unionists have been fighting in the trenches for decades.As far as the teabaggers who are union members,the same people that caused the problems Obama inherited are using you to regain power and continue doing it.Unions helped create the middle class, the conservatives that are using the teabagger cabal are systematically dismantling it.Why is THAT so hard to understand?

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Obama implores minister to call off Quran burning

Thanks Cambridge

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Obama implores minister to call off Quran burning

@rudy,I believe you must be thinking about your boy pro american/usa1 when you're writing about hate and name calling.Also I directed my question at Cambridge.But maybe you know what happened to Hank.If you talk to him give him my deepest,sincerest regards.

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Obama implores minister to call off Quran burning

@Cambridge,what has become of that great patriot usa1 aka usa0-pro-teabagger? Did he have to change his username again or was he removed for good? Or was he committed to an asylum?

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Balancing our image

usa0 pro-teabagger,just like a typical teabagger,you can`t answer the question so you change the subject.What does Nemenz have to do with your hypocrisy? Nothing. I happy for you that you shop there and I also don`t give a damn.We want to know how you reaped ALL the benefits of being in the UAW yet now that you took the buyout( negotiated by the union) you spend your time there in Canfield bashing them online.Classic and idiotic as well.
Noone is afraid of you teabaggers or Palin.You will turn out to be the best thing for the country because you will destroy the Republican chances to win elections for the long term...The more you wingnuts keep yakking the better the chances that our great President serves another term.Is this a great country or what?LOL! Keep drinking the tea now ,ya hear?

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Balancing our image

Youngstown Strong,I don`t know how long you have been trying to talk sense to USA1 aka usa0-Pro-Teabagger but you have to understand a few things about Hank.First is that he a first class wingnut who was essentially a teabagger years before the teabaggers were 'officially' formed by the GOP.

I see you have already discovered that facts and usa0 Pro-Teabagger have nothing in common.He deals in drivel also known as what he hears from Limpybaugh,Beck,Savage,Coulter and the assorted other wingnut media he gets all his wrong information from.

As you have noticed he is constantly railing about unions even though he was member of UAW 1112 at GM Lordstown from Feb.1984-July 2006 and greatly benefitted from the middle class lifestyle that resulted from the wages and benefits he received from the contracts negotiated between the UAW and GM. Sounds like a major league hypocrite eh Youngstown Strong? You betcha,to quote usa0 pro-teabaggers girlfriend Palin. Of course it`s no surprise he`s attracted to that dingbat.You know the old saying,"birds of a feather flock together" lol or in their case stupidity attracts

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Use of stimulus funds for work outside US has governor miffed

usa0 pro-teabagger...I see you`re still spreading your lies about the teabaggers being ' grassroots'. Hilarious.What is so grass roots about being run by the Koch family,Dick Armey and Karl Rove?You are not so dumb that you actually believe your own drivel about grassroots are you?

These monied conservatives don`t give a damn about your hatred for Obama or your far right wingnut beliefs and causes.All they care about is regaining power and making the wealthier richer at the expense of idiots like you that can`t seem to fathom that
Your wingnut idols Palin and Beck are laughing all the way to the bank.They are all just USING you teabaggers but hey,I get a chuckle witnessing it so please continue on...........LOL
By the way shouldn`t Palin be worried about brains instead of the cojones of OUR President Obama? I understand as Queen Teabagger she is very well versed in all things cojones but still...LOL.
Don`t give yourself a headache over there in your condo trying to 'refudiate' that..............

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This Kidd has a big heart for the city

Oh let`s not trust Wikipedia usa0-pro-teabagger but let`s believe all of the drivel that you post on here.Gee,that`s a good plan.LOL!
Like Cambridge said,get off the union thug BS.Ever see the photos from the Battle of The Overpass? Oh I suppose in your whacked out mind there wasn`t ever any incidents of thuggery by the Corporations right? Unions came into existence because the Corporations were out of control.
Before the automakers were organized foremen would tell workers they were going to have sex with their wives or they be fired on the spot.You like that idea usa0 pro-teabagger?
When you were working at Lordstown would you have enjoyed having no protection from being fired just because management didn`t like the way you looked,or dressed,or your nationality or the color of your skin or in your particular case mental instability?

I see you didn`t refute the fact you`re a liar and you never were a UAW Beck objector but your teabagging hypocrisy is well known.Since you`re King of the Baggers the readers of this blog should question everything you post for accuracy.It`s common knowledge that truth and reality are foreign concepts as far as you are concerned.
Keep on teabagging hypocrite!

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This Kidd has a big heart for the city

usa0 pro-teabagger,even though I think you are a first class wingnut, I have refrained from calling you derogatory names but since you have labeled me a fool and an idiot,the gloves are off.
First of all you are a lying hypocrite.You worked at GM from 1983-2006 and your wages and benefits were negotiated by the UAW,which you call evil. In a previous post months ago,I asked you why you didn`t become a Beck objector if you hated the union so much and you lied and said you were a Beck objector.FALSE.I know the names of the Beck objectors from Local 1112 and you`re not one of them.Nice try fool.
So let`s get this straight,you enjoyed all the benefits that the union negotiated and workers died for back in the 20`s and 30`s but you never had the cojones to object publicy.You never attended a union meeting and voiced your right wing views,and don`t say you wouldn`t have been able to speak.Another lie.You never wrote a letter to the paper expressing your love for Ronnie Reagan or the Bushs`and lambasting the union.

Noone that is active politically buys your BS that you are not an active Republican.You teabaggers(I LOVE THAT WORD) and the GOP are tied at your twisted,warped minds which is fine with me because you will pull the Republicans down into the teabagger cesspool with you. The rational Repubs are like you,they don`t have the guts either to reveal what they really think about you teabaggers.

Someone like Phil Kidd and yourself are not even comparable.You are a hater of everything that doesn`t jibe with your asinine right wing views.You want the nation to fail just for your stupid political teabagging beliefs.You spout your asinine talk about less government but you voted for all the previous Republican presidents that INCREASED the size of government and RAISED taxes several times.Not a peep from you idiot teabaggers then,why? Because everything you bitch and whine about is okay when a REPUBLICAN is doing it.If your gal Palin gets in and increases government or raises taxes you won`t say a word you lying,hypocritical, fool. I`m surprised you even live on a street with the word Indian in it because you likely hate them too right?

It`s telling that the majority of people on think you are a deranged,likely dangerous idealogue.We can`t all be wrong can we teabagger King?

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