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Return of the King?

OMG Cleveland, let it go. Any Cavs fan that clings to the hope that LeBron will come back is pathetic.

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DeBartolo and York families make substantial donation to Cardinal Mooney High School

Excellent points tired. Same ones I`ve been saying for the last two years. Unfortunately many just don`t seem to see the situation for what it is.

With the way the grade schools are closing and the dwindling enrollment in the ones that are still open I give Mooney another 5 years max. By 2019 there will be one Catholic high school in this area.

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Tide is turning in Ohio on marriage equality, proponents say

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Gov. John Kasich


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Same-sex marriage approval gaining momentum, backers say

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Gov. John Kasich


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Catholic school in Austintown to close

Miller, the enrollment for St Christines was roughly 400 when it began in the 50`s. It did go to it`s highest to about 650 but now is back to around 400. I received my information from the school.

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Catholic school in Austintown to close

I do not agree Miller. Although sjihm was in trouble St Charles, St. Christine, and Holy Family are going strong.

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UPDATE | Gay-marriage backers urge Ohio to drop its appeal

I agree Walter.

Now brace for the typical response of...

"people against gay marriages are racists."
"people against gay marriages are dinosaurs."
"people against gay marriages are narrow minded."
"people against gay marriages are living in the past."

And so forth.

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Youngstown ranks No. 5 for raising a family

City, so what you are saying is, if everyone would have stayed in Youngstown as opposed to moving out to a suburb, Youngstown would still be a great place to live?

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Valley ranks near bottom in American quality-of-life index

BJ- I love reading the comments section when people like you post. It`s always so entertaining. So many hilarious quotes.

BJ- “I'm a fighter and a leader. Join my cause or get out of the way.”

Big words coming from an anonymous poster who probably doesn`t do squat, yet complains about everything and blames everyone.

The hits keep rolling along.

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SVSM holds off Poland for regional title

Open enrollment…
You have the Youngstown kids going to Austintown, Liberty, or Hubbard. Campbell kids going to Lowelville, Struthers, or Hubbard, Austintown kids going to Mineral Ridge or Western Reserve, Canfield, Springfield, and Boardman kids going to South Range.

Just a side thought, what happened to the days where you just went wherever you lived?

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