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Practice of Holy Yoga leads to spiritual and physical benefits

What is the big deal? So some people want to be healthy by doing yoga and want to be with people that share their faith.
With a name like "askmeificare", you went through a lot of trouble to express your point. I guess you really do care.

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Speed cameras in Youngstown jibe with state law

Looking over your post again my answer is this, I would be shocked to receive a ticket at all. I`ve been driving for close to 30 yrs. and received 1 ticket.

Just today I travelled a 1 mile stretch of 680 and as I was very careful to do 50 MPH, I was passed by several drivers doing 55-65 MPH. Maybe even faster.

I understand your point of being corrected at that point in time of the offense, but if you are cautious to follow the speed limit to begin with, the likelihood of getting the ticket at all is minimal.

Now I do have an issue with the procedure in the sense that they ticket the owner of the car, not naming the person driving. So if I have one car shared by numerous family members and I get the ticket, who do I confront?

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Speed cameras in Youngstown jibe with state law

Again, I see no relation to my username and the topic at hand which is a piece of highway we all use.

We all know it drops to 50 MPH. The speed limit is clearly posted on a stretch of road that may be travelled numerous times weekly or in some cases daily for years so it shouldn`t be a surprise.

Poland is one of the notorious places for giving out speeding tickets. (RT. 224) Yet I never read in the Vindy people complaining about it being a scam. Drivers adjust and conform to the law. As will they do on 680.

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Speed cameras in Youngstown jibe with state law


What does my username have to do with anything? Can`t people who live outside of Youngstown use that part of 680?
As it is, I don`t live in Youngstown and judging by the census, not many people do anymore.
You seem to be confused because I`m not complaining about what Youngstown is doing. I`m just wondering why anyone who should be obeying the law but not, is.

Now, if your true issue is the legality of getting a ticket in this manner, then fight city hall all you want. My guess is it is legal otherwise the city wouldn`t open themselves up to the possibility of problems later.

But, by your own admission, speeding seems to be an issue for you. So, rather than complain or try to find a scapegoat for the error in your ways, why don`t you try to follow the laws which are laid down for all of us. Not just the laws you feel are important.

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Speed cameras in Youngstown jibe with state law

Why are there complaints? If you are doing what you are supposed to, there is no problem regardless if this is a “money grab” or a “scam” like people say. If you don`t feel the speed limit is correct, take it up with the powers that be. Don`t complain when you get caught.

It amazes me how many will try to buck the system by coming up with ways to avoid or get out of possibly getting the ticket.

It seems like the same people who are complaining about their right to break the law by speeding are probably the same people who give the police a hard time (by playing the victim or race card) when they get pulled over.

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Wal-Mart removing Confederate flag items from stores, online

"TV Land dumps the Dukes of Hazzard reruns due to the Confederate flag issue."


What`s next?

No more Hogans Heroes, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Chico and the Man, and Sanford and Son reruns because of the racially charged comedy?

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Community leaders upset with Youngstown school plan proposal

I agree but that would mean the Youngstown population would have to be accountable for themselves. Something that hasn`t happed since 1980.

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Locals react to gay-marriage decision

There`s no argument that it is the law.

The point is regardless of all debating, it still is what it is, un-natural.

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Locals react to gay-marriage decision

Isn`t it ironic how those who have screamed for equality and acceptance for years cannot show the same when it comes to people disagreeing with their position. After Friday`s decision I see people rejoicing on Facebook with various posts of support, and some of those same people vilifying others who oppose it. Calling them dinosaurs, right wing nuts, racist, or homophobic.

Well, it pretty much comes down to this. In a land where the government should be protecting everyone`s rights, not imposing their opinions of their definition of morality, people can do what they want regarding their personal lives as long as their decisions do not directly affect another person`s negatively.

But at the end of the day the natural order of life will always be the same. A female and a male will always be the only ones who can procreate. The only ones who can be the natural family. The way life intended it to be.

Whether someone cites man`s law or religious law, you cannot change natures law.

Deal with it.

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