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Board member calls for sup’t to resign

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Board member calls for sup’t to resign

I am in NO way a fan of Colaluca, but things like open enrollment were set in motion before his promotion to superintendent. I recall attending a meeting at Fitch where Doug Heuer laid it all out, and Vince was logging comments for later discussion. Doc Ritchie is the one who made the threat that if we didn't pass the levy, open enrollment would be implemented with no further discussion. Yet he gets re-elected year after year to the point he has been on the board longer than most currrnt parents have been alive.

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New bus plan to send Austintown kids on WRTA

"Board President Dr. Tom Stellers said the decision, which was an administrative, not board, action, “has to do with finances.”

It costs about $45,000 to employ one bus driver, he said, adding that 22,000 parochial students in Ohio use public transit to get to school."

I don't know what bus driver he is referring to, but even if you paid them $18 an hour, working 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 9 months only pays (before taxes) $12,960. If you pay $32,040.00 in benefits, no wonder the drivers are upset about losing them! After cutting benefits and hours, drivers would make $11,340. I have no idea what drivers actually make, I am just using $18 an hour for this example.
I would love to see Mr. Colaluca put his kids on the bus at the Southern Park Mall (since they attend and live in Boardman - I guess Austintown isn't good enough for them to open enroll in...) then he can meet them at the Board office at AMS.

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