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Area blacks said national cop shootings make them fear police

response to Cambridge - I hope your not implying that if the bunch of armed rednecks in Oregon were African-American or of color they would be treated differently. I will just ask you look up the Waco siege from 1993 of the branch davidians compound. The ATF went in there with high powered rifles and tear gas. Eventually setting the compound on fire. Resulting in the death of 76 people. All white. With the situation in Oregon I think the government in trying not to repeat the mistakes made in Waco where they used too much force. Just saying.

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UPDATE: Pavlik collapses in court, taken to St. E's

Going to court over 25 buck. Are you kidding me!!

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Youngstown man robbed at gunpoint

Their dad's are most likely in prison. The nut doesn't fall far from the tree. And I'm sure the father's are proud of them. Just following in the footsteps.

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Sheriff suspends deputy after courthouse altercation

The deputy did nothing wrong but he has to serve a suspension. Go figure??

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‘This didn’t have to happen’

I hate to be the one to say this but raising the penalties in a school zone will not stop someone from doing this. Another thing. The comment that drivers don't know it's against the law to pass a stopped school bus. Your kidding right? The message is right on the back of the bus in big letter's. STOP state law. It's sad this happened but everything that has been suggested to help stop this from happening will not 100% prevent it.

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At Girard hot dog shop, some relish health ruling; others grill it as unjust

For those who are happy with this decision. Just remember that there is no free lunch. Someone is going to have to pay for those who refuse to work but still are covered. And that someone is those who work. Just to be clear. I think as a society we have a obligation to support those in society for no fault of their own can't support themselves. I have problems with my tax dollars going to support dead beats who spend their time avoiding doing their fair share and sucking off the rest of us.

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Very sad. This section of road has always been dangerous. Young drivers don't always respect it and bad things can happen. It was even more dangerous before the realignment a few years back. It cut the grade of the hill. It's not as steep as it had been.

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What now for Jamar Houser?

Obviously this kid is no angel but to be facing a possibility of life in prison or death for an act he didn't do is not right. Justice has been rightly served. If this kid doesn't learn from this experience that he's only one stupid act away form prison or death and continues his current behavior. Then he most certainly will get prison or death. But for an act he actually did committed.

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Lowdown on downtown Youngstown

I lived in Youngstown 27yrs - have lived the past 7yrs in Columbus. In order for people to move downtown there needs to be jobs downtown or close by. People don't live downtown and commute outside the city generally to work. Columbus has a thriving downtown because a lot of people work downtown. Once they are here a city has to find things for them to do to keep them here after work is over. Entertainment, dining, cultural. Youngstown had it all when a lot of it's population worked in industry all along the Mahoning river. That has evaporated as has many of the towns along the river that developed because of the jobs brought by industry. Who are the primary residents of Youngstown during the day. Workers who leave after the day is over. If their job was not downtown I hardly think they would be there. Youngstown has a lot of problems. None that will be easy to overcome.

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Police break up 2 fights at Chaney High

Police in area schools are not new. I graduated Austintown Fitch in the early 80's and we always had police at the school. Mostly the officer was an auxillary. I can recall a patrol car sitting on school grounds during school hours just about always - and we really can't say we had serious problems. Just the normal stuff - fights (rarely with weapons) the normal drugs (pot, some cocain, acid) these type of things your going to find in all schools. Then, now and in the future. I'm not saying it should be tolerated just it is what it is. Reality.

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