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Shortage of pilots is impacting regional airlines like Allegiant

Once again, a small time journalist doesn't do his or her homework. Allegiant is NOT a regional airline, we are a National/Major carrier. We do not code share with other airlines or do contract flights under another carriers brand, like regionals do. We fly 166 and 156 seat narrow body aircraft, not regional jets or turbo props. Our airline is not a starting point where pilots gain experience to move on to a better job, like a regional airline is. Our pilots have had years of experience before ever starting with Allegiant. Our new hire pilots do not make 25k a year, like regional pilots. They are paid industry rates for the aircraft they fly, which is between 50-150k annually. Please do your research before printing garbage. Just because we fly to an airport that has "regional" in the name, that doesn't qualify us as a regional airline. Thanks.

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