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Why did Trump choose Youngstown?

springman: post # 2. The state of our economy:

Since the year 2000:
Our national debt rose from $5,674,178,209,890 to $19.5 trillion.
Official unemployed: 7,707,367 (per U-3 reporting)
Actual unemployed: 15,334,033 (per U-6 reporting)
Median Income now: $30,300
Median Income 2000: $28,576

Federal spending is up 121%.
Manufacturing Jobs now: 12,460,914.
Manufacturing Jobs 2000: 19,502,639

And springman, you since you are concerned about medicare and social security you may want to look at the unfunded liabilities at the bottom of the chart.

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National Guard on alert after night of rioting following police shooting

The support of law enforcement needs to start at the top. As long as leaders are able to defend the thugs over those who are out there to keep us safe the message will continue to be that it's ok to have open season on our police.

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There are jobs galore in Ohio

dbaf: "Should we not have these protective guidelines, or should other countries be forced to adhere to better standards?" No, we shouldn't slack on protective guidelines. We do better when we know better. And yes, at the very least we shouldn't be able to accept products into our country where they have not implemented at least minimum pollution standards.

The cost may be higher to produce goods while adhering to certain standards but the alternative is not an option. I'm against fracking for the simple reason that the effect on our environment far exceeds the benefits. Come up with a safer method and I'm in.

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There are jobs galore in Ohio

dbaf: What's keeping them from expanding and others not copying their model you ask? Hummm... govt regulations maybe? Taxes?

Kudos to Nucor for their environmental efforts.

As you cite articles, you need to post your source - otherwise plagiarism?

Again, I don't know much about the steel industry but as far as pollution I think you can find it in just about any industry and consider the mills in Japan do not have our standards. The air that we breathe includes pollution from all over the world. This does make it right but it is nonetheless a fact.

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There are jobs galore in Ohio

Thanks cambridge. I clicked your link to steel mills. Randomly selected one in Ohio.

dbaf: I don't know much about the steel industry but Nucor looks impressive to me. Your concerns in post 32 seem to be addressed here.

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There are jobs galore in Ohio

dbaf: We have 2 choices. Allow our jobs to go to other countries and continue the downward spiral or stop jobs from exiting and provide incentives to companies who create new jobs which changes the projection. Would you rather not have a good paying manufacturing job or scrape by with a minumum wage job or worse, depend on the government for support? Apply your thinking to the auto industry and tell me that we cannot compete therefore we should allow that industry to exit the country.

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Sheriff's office says 2 officers shot in western Arkansas

The police have become the enemy thanks to Dems and BLM movement. Disgraceful.

Sure there are a few bad apples in any profession but the vast majority are not. To all of our law enforcement and to all of our military personnel: thank you for all you do to keep us safe from harm.

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BREAKING NEWS | Mahoning County Medicaid provider owes $486,838

Unfortunately cases such as the IRS scandal where Lerner was able to plead the 5th and case closed, the Benghazi scandal where in the end Clinton just said we learned from our mistakes, besides what difference does it make, and the Clinton scandal where all you have to do is delete, delay and deny to get away with any accusation. In other words, move on folks, nothing to see here.

So the above states:
"records were destroyed by a fire". Lie
"Medicaid said overpayment due to lack of supporting documentation, the provider said it did have the records" Lie
"more than three dozen other instances where drivers either lacked required training, certification, drug testing or physicians statements, or obtained them after the hiring period" Incompetence.

Where has our moral conscience and integrity gone? This company is profiting from the government and more important compromising and putting the patients they transport in jeopardy.

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PRESIDENTIAL RACE | Trump calls for stricter voter ID laws

Who are these people who can't produce ID?

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There are jobs galore in Ohio

You know that the proposal for paid college is for community college not ivy league. Community college costs are already only a fraction of the cost for ivy league and in many states already free or very low cost. Clinton also proposes that students work 10 hours per week to do their part.

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