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Sad end to Gina's troubled life

Gina and Williams previously knew each other. In fact i was told that at one point and time he lived in the same apartment number with Gina and her family and they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He was also kicked out. I dont know if they kicked him out or if new management did because he wasnt on the lease. But i do know that he was put on the no trespassing list. This made him very angry. Question is, is the mother even on the sister Ashley's lease? I believe the mother allowed him to stay there in exchange for free drugs. I dont believe that there were any tea bags and i also dont believe that he walked out with the body while she was sitting on the steps waiting on the police. Blood would have been dripping from the playpen bag. And i really doubt that he asked her if she wanted to buy it. I believe this addition to her story was to get sympathy, money, etc from the community. And if she knocked on the door twice and on the second time was told that Gina was dead why would she call the police to file a missing child report if she already knew that she was dead? Why wouldnt she push her way into the apartment? I also dont think that she Od'd because of grief. She had been doing drugs over a decade ago, this wasnt anything new. His intentions were to kill Gina or anyone in her apartment that day not the first person he saw walking into that exact building. Is the girl locked up? I saw a Hardtimes paper saying that she was finally being charged. If so why, if she was allegedly a kidnapped, scared, victim? Maybe it's possible she lured Gina there and he killed her (Williams and the neighbor were friends, I believe this is how Gina met Williams), maybe it's possible the mother sent her to get drugs instead of tea bags. The APD should have a huge lawsuit on their hands. Gina was a minor and at that point was a runaway. They did nothing to help the adoptive mother get her back. Not to mention, for almost 6 months she wasnt enrolled in school. If she didnt want to go back to Texas i believe it was because she had no school, rules, or guidelines here in Ohio because her sister was grown and her mother was an addict. BTW, this doesnt have anything to do with race, politics, or social class. This could have happened to anyone anywhere. Does anyone now if the funeral was here in Ohio or in Texas and if her family here attended Texas if it was there? Believe it or not, Compass West Estates have many several improvements since new management came along. The only downfall is they closed the pool, party rental room, and they need a larger playground for the amount of children out there.

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Officials plan autopsy to ID body found on banks of Mahoning River in Struthers

wonder if it was the man who owned the restaurant on belmont avenue in youngstown and went missing months ago

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Toddler drowning accidental; sitter reported her missing

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Homeless William Bednar charged in Youngstown puppy killings

Its obvious that this man needs mental help. Crazy, that he said they eat dogs n China because I'm ALWAYS hearing jokes about Chinese restaurants killing n cooking cats and dogs...This man's actions could lead to humans. Jeffrey Daumer started off killing pets.

At far as Stan he probably reached the maximum # of post allowed. Or he could b deceased, because you would think he was an elderly man who sat online all day. When he was here everyone ganged up on him, now hes gone and people are missing him....MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

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3 indicted in theft of items from GM plant

No different from GM employees letting non family members get their employee discounts...

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New information delays arraignment in shooting case

The girl who started all this mess and brought them to the party WITH GUNS needs to be locked up too. She might not have pulled the trigger but it wouldnt of happened if she wouldnt of instigated the situation!!!

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‘Filthy’ Canfield house gets makeover makeover

Who cares. Youngstown is filled with vacant homes where kids get raped, etc and nothing is being done. And some of you have the nerve to say that only scums live in Youngstown. I think not.

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UPDATED: Two arrested after early-morning shooting near YSU

alot of the victims were 17 and why was a 31 year old there with them?

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UPDATED: Two arrested after early-morning shooting near YSU

Some of you are so ignorant, all that matters is the fact that innocent people were harmed (1 being my brother). From my understanding, the victim was a YSU frat student, but YSU did not own the property at the time. It was just a bunch of frat boys who lived together and split the cost. In previous years, the property was owned by YSU. The media wants to make this into a "campus shooting" to get attention, but this is not the attention that Youngstown needs. If this was a so called school shooting then YSU should pay for the funeral. The victim was not a thug, like the other victims he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. No different from being in a mall and there is a mass shooting. So before any of you post your negative and racist remarks you need to be careful because it could be your child next.

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Student faces expulsion

Lmao @ galaxy4 i was checking out the spelling too. They must be in a basement class.

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