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Letson: They're not going to vote for the black guy

This shows that maybe the racism isn't only a Republican phenomenon, eh? If this racial crossover occurs, it will be by democrats. In my experience, I'm hearing it from older and/or blue collar democrats expressing their inability to vote for a black man. Did this doom the candidacies of Michael Steele in Maryland and Ken Blackwell in Ohio?

As race is an issue for some, there are legitimate reasons to reject Obama for President. Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. Like Bill, Barack is charming and loquacious, but unlike Bill, Barack represents a far left socialist policy shift in all walks of life. The Rev Wright controversy also defies credulity for many: Barack is supposed to be really smart and have great judgement, but claims he didn't know what his pastor of 20 years really believed. It is not racist to question that association and judgement. Ditto for his attempts to hide his close relationship with William Ayers, who is white. These radicals in his camp is troubling for many voters.

I would also suggest the potentially devastating effect of a mere 5%, or more, crossover by upset Hillary voters, especially in Michigan, Ohio and Florida, important states to be sure. 5% is only 1 in 20 voters and when combined with the white crossover vote mentioned by the Vindy could spell electoral college victory for McCain. Democrats need not worry since McCain, in my opinion, is 60% Democrat. He is a seat of the pants populist who will be easily swayed by the Main Stream Media. He loves to be loved.

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Obama will be a tough sell in Ohio

DeSouza is right: Hillary on the ticket might have locked Ohio up for the Dems. Florida and Michigan likewise have disgruntled democrats who are resentful of the failure to count their votes in the primary. All three states will be an uphill battle for Obama.

If only one in ten angry Hillary voters and one in ten white Dems votes for McCain-Palin it more than throws the election to the Republicans.

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Pizza Hut delivery woman punched and robbed in Youngstown

This is the death of youngstown. Why would anybody do business there? These punks need a shotgun to rob a girl! Cowards. As for how she feels: devastated. If she has the choice, she'll stay the heck out of areas like that for ever. If she has children, she'll get them out. Only the thugs will be left; then they'll move to the west side to rob and kill there.

Lack of community resources? Don't blame this on someone else. What guy is so cold as to punch a woman in the face to get a free pizza? Anyone who wants a job can get one to get $40. Unless the city comes down hard on these monsters, everyone with talent and resources will go elsewhere. If you see boarded up commercial properties, this is why. Who wants their children living in that neighborhood?

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