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Democrat Ted Strickland said he’s running next year for the U.S. Senate

So, which policies that Strickland enacted caused the economy to tank?

I seem to recall every state in the country tanking during this time (except poverty-stricken Texas, which added minimum wage service jobs at a record pace!).

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Valerie Plame speaks at Stambaugh

Some great revisionism going on here. Since when did WMD come to include 30 year old chemical weapons? Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bush, they were all talking about "mushroom clouds", and the WMDs they were talking about were nuclear.

Of course he had some old chemical weapons, Reagan gave them to him in the 1980s.

This is why Republicans hate education, gotta keep 'em dumb if they're gonna vote GOP!

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The story of 'Flip' Williams

What? What a travesty! Only Italian-American criminals should be written about!

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YSU considers changes to attract more international students

International students come for engineering and business degrees, not social sciences or humanities.

Not that I think those are poor fields (look at how primitive much of the non-Western societies are, that's largely a result of not valuing social sciences), but foreign students only see future dollar signs and typically have no interest in a broad education.

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Three candidates are seeking the governor’s appointment for Columbiana County Municipal Court seat

All those who like to bitch about the Mahoning Valley need to make a trip down south. After a few hours of being surrounding those bumpkins will make them realize how much better it really is up north.

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Officers shoot, kill suspected Ohio gang ringleader

georgejeanie's back!!! The person who hates teachers because he/she wasn't ever able to get their own education, but who still was able to become a productive member of society (according to him/her, or course).

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Group would legalize marijuana use in Ohio

Redeye, any links to verify your niece's story? Could be true, but I'm willing to bet your niece is full of sh!t.

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Friends Specialty to take over Cafe at Fellows Riverside Gardens

I remember reading about the initial bust. With that amount, he should've been facing major prison time. But since only inner-city types go to prison for drug offenses, they just gave him a slap on the wrist.

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Cafe at Fellows gardens getting overhaul

Just so there's no confusion, I'm not talking about the Gardens, but the new cafe owners.

Google his name, you'll see what he did even though the local media outlets did their best to cover it only minimally. I guess when your name's Mitch the newspapers care far less than if your name's Jamal.

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