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Apathy toward the Phantoms perplexes ‘puck-nut’ from Pa.

@Louis McAfee: finally somebody that gets it.. The Phantoms games are a great experience...I wish people in the Valley would realize what they have here before it is gone...If the attitude doesn't change here nothing else will either...

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Could this be hockey's last season at the Covelli Centre?

as usual, Youngstown is 50 years behind the times.....Hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. and especially in the Rust Belt...These (kids or high schoolers) as one person put it actually have a chance at making the "league" unlike 99.99999 percent of the other high-schoolers players the other sports here in the valley....These athletes were drafted and choosen to play elite league junior hockey....The steelhounds while they were fun to watch, had a 0% percent chance of ever stepping foot on an nhl ice surface....Funny how those towns that is 65 miles to the south of us and 90 miles to the north of us are booming with hockey...Ignorant comments from people in this town always amaze me...Please go see a Phantoms game, u just might be impressed...

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Man shot at Himrod Avenue club tonight

i didn't realize police officers were able to give medical reports about patient's conditions...this is how desperate this paper is to get a story....they don't even realize who they are getting their story from...btw, what is "stable" condition vs. "critical" condition...I didn't realize that the local hospitals had these differential diagnosises....

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