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South Side shooting leaves two dead, two narrowly escape

Truly sorry for your loss jvittorio4187. My family lives on the southside of ytown and I'm beginning to think we all need bulletproof vests these days. We are all guilty of being too quick to judge at times, but we only know what is put in the news. Hopefully they'll get the story straight so as to clear the innocent victim's names for their family and friends at least.

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Youngstown police probe two shooting episodes

I agree Stan - one question though....

Which side of town might be the WILD side?? They all seem pretty shaky at this point!

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Youngstown police probe two shooting episodes

In this town the essential forces need to stay on the job - YPD and YFD also. So if the mayor lays off 30 police officers, there won't be a town left to protect in a week. How about shutting down the tax department - no one likes them anyways!!!

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Judge jails 2 men pending child-rape trials

I agree with you EricLW! Only I think we need to get the good old militia going - just to help out the local police of course.....

Those little girls will NEVER forget what's been done to them and even if they go through years of counseling, it comes back to haunt you later in life.

Public shooting is too quick - Hanging in downtown Y-town at high noon.... hey, that might just be what gets our town back on the map. We can charge other states to hang their worst criminals for them!

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Rapist gets prison term

10 years for destroying the innocence of two 8 year old girls?? They'll be 18 when he gets released - hopefully they'll hunt him down before he attacks another child.

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E-mail is false, Columbiana police say

Small town, country living is quite a bit healthier both physically and mentally in my book. I'd rather deal with the small town gossip than the city violence any day.

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E-mail is false, Columbiana police say

More than likely this is just a kid with nothing else to do with his time, but if the police bring it to their parents' attention maybe they'll find more creative ways to entertain themselves?

My kid would think twice about doing it again if the police knocked on our door. Kids in Columbiana appear to still respect their parents for the most part.

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E-mail is false, Columbiana police say

Columbiana is one of the better towns I know of as far as low crime rate goes.

They can "nip this in the bud" by calling their local computer shop, Vacu Tech, Inc on E. Salem St. The owner not only is an experienced computer pro, he cares about the local community as well.

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Accident closes Mahoning Avenue near Belle Vista

Brian215 Heard this accident on the police scanner and I believe it was two brothers in a van who ran from the scene but were caught shortly after. Didn't sound like there were injuries but if I remember right, one had an outstanding warrant.

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Youngstown and its firefighters have new 3-year pact

Oldman... I've agreed with your comments a number of times, but this time we differ.

The dedicated and fearless men and women of the Youngstown Fire Department have earned every penny of this pay raise and then some.

Keep in mind please, if it weren't for them, Youngstown would have no "store" to give away. Arson in this town is something that endangers them and others whether a building is vacant or not, and sorry to say it seems to be on the increase.

I was born and raised in this town and yes, I agree there isn't much here to brag about. But if my home caught fire, I know we'd have the best firefighters around on the scene.

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