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2ndAmendmentPatriot (anonymous) says...

This was the 3rd Felonious Robbery of the day for these ‘teen thugs’.

At least one of them was ‘dispatched’ and another one ‘almost dispatched’ by the victim.

With the ‘dispatching’ of Julius Johnson, an act of ‘Crime Prevention’ occurred, as Julius will never again commit another crime.

It won’t be long before this little ‘teen thug’ is back out on the streets, and he too, as with most of the ‘criminal element’ will continue in a ‘life of crime’. And perhaps, he too will be ‘dispatched’, wherein yet another act of ‘crime prevention’ will have occurred.

And yet some ‘bleeding heart liberals’ in society want to portray these ‘thugs’ and the ‘criminal element’ as ‘victims’. No….the real ‘victims’ are the ‘victims’ of their crimes. And at least for Julius Johnson….he got ‘justice’.

March 10, 2012 at 6:45 p.m. reply suggest removal