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Republican Donald Trump stretched the truth during his Youngstown speech

Hillary is not only a liar but would love to vote in a Supreme Court judge to help reverse the second amendment and take your guns! This liar would let in thousands and thousands of illegals and Syrians to take your jobs, pay no taxes and get on Medicare and welfare. She will help ruin this country mean while making 10.6 million a year.

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Donald Trump called for an immigration policy to ‘only admit into this country those who share our values’

Hillary should be in jail for the server she had in her basement, being a liar and Benegazi where she let Americans died then lied about it! Her and her slick Willey husband are crooked making now 10.6 million working for the Goverment, 675,000$ for less than a hour speech from Wall Street, if that's not a payoff you must be dense! She wants to let terrorist in to the US and up the number 550%.

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Where are the public payrolls?

No BS, people do care about this issue and wonder why people that are now needing to work till there 67 yrs old mean while teachers retire in there early 50s while people paying for there Cadillac benefits work till there 67 and get a third (SSI) of what public sector people get in there 50s.

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Tonight's OVI checkpoint cancelled

.08 is just insurance companies paying off politicians. And none of the cops giving these tests are randomly tested for drugs. Some of the biggest partiers I know we're cops, although most are now on disability now. If they tested the sheriffs dept a bunch of them would be out of work or the union would put them in rehab and get there jobs back. Hypocrites!

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Where are the public payrolls?

Figures politicians say they will submit the information then just don't so it! Typical of lying politicians like Hillary! Mandel should spell which ones promised and didn't do it and they should be voted out!

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Despite $33M in ads to date, Portman leads Strickland by only 4-5 points

Strickland did a terrible job last time, but unfortunately Portman voted with Hillary to give our away! Neither choice is good! But with Sticklands history I will have to vote for Portland reluctantly!

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Trump to stump at YSU Monday

Hillary is a liar and has voted to handover our jobs. She let heroes die in Bengazi! I will be voting for Trump! Her and husband are so crooked they because multi millionaires of government salaries, cause they are crooked!

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Judge sets September hearing on Danny Lee Hill

This POS should of been fried along time ago! Freaking lawyers!

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The income tax generates about $500,000 a year

What are teachers paying for health benefits, usually Cadillac benefits? Plus do they retire after 30 yrs in there 50s like Mahoning and Trumbull county teachers with very large monthly retirement payouts usually in the range of 3 to 5000 dollars?

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Man sentenced to 12 1/2 years in heroin distribution case

Is he black? If so maybe that DB Obama will commute his sentence too?

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