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Austintown schools chief, board member file police reports

you don't even know how very WRONG you are! Two of the children that spoke at the BOE meeting happen to be MY children. They were NOT coached by Mr. Porter to speak,, furthermore, their eloquent speeches were NOT a credit to their Austintown education, as my son WAS a HIGH HONOR ROLL student before he entered into ALSD, where now his education is not even close to what it should be! MY CHILDREN WERE COACHED BY THEIR HEARTS!!! Mr. Porter had NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do with what was said at that meeting.
How sad it is that YOU can hide behind your poster name and make those accusations- another adult trying to take away from those children what they were trying to get across to the board! Shame on you!!! Those children LIVE it everyday, and they have every right to voice their opinions and thoughts!!!
Why not tell everyone on here who you really are?My name is Monica Proctor, and my children, spoke out at the board meeting on Oct. 22, 2013- only to be disregarded and discredited by yet, another adult. You are no better than the other board members who took away from those kids what that felt is an honest and ongoing problem in those schools!!!

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