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Hearing begins for Ohio teacher over Obama comment

The teacher is lying and being disingenuous by saying his comment wasn't racially motivated.

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Warren woman stabs brother on Christmas Eve

Awwww. . . Where is the love, y'all???

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Double homicide in Youngstown

This is why my parents encouraged us to leave Y-town years ago -- and none of us have ever looked back. Our lives were greatly improved by 1) getting an education and 2) leaving Youngstown. Youngstown is not a decent environment for young people -- especially young black people. There are very few jobs and opportunities and the environment fosters a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. It is a fact.

I am saddened that these two young people were murdered, but I am also saddened that, instead of getting an education to better his circumstances, Pako was (allegedly) an aspiring drug dealer, whose activites likely got himself and his girlfriend murdered. No disrespect to his family, friends and loved ones, but Pako was going to meet a tragic end sooner or later, anyway. If they didn't see what was ahead for Pako, they weren't looking.

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Former FBI agent arraigned on domestic violence charges

I have known Sheila Lawson all of my life. She got into the FBI because she is intelligent and a true professional. She graduated from Ursuline, graduated from college and was accepted into the FBI -- she even went to grad school became a pharmacist.
She was discharged from the FBI more than 5 years ago and has been suffering psychlogically ever since. Clearly, this latest incident is the result of some kind of psychotic breakdown. This is not the person I know. People who don't know what they are talking about need to STFU. Anyone can have an emotional breakdown. I am praying for my friend.

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Ex-FBI agent charged with beating her father

I have known this person my entire life. She is, and has always been, a very decent person. She is educated, intelligent and professional. THAT is how she got hired as an FBI agent. Clearly, she has suffered some sort of psychotic episode. It could happen to anyone -- it could happen to YOU -- so, please don't speak of that which you know nothing about. That is all. Thank you.

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